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A Letter Writing Spot for Kids

May 18, 2011

Since the kids are writing more letters and they are consulting each other on the process I want to give them a great place to write. I want them to feel like they are accomplishing something…because they are. They are writing, and forming a relationship, with someone that I hope they continue to write to for years to come. We need a place to keep things:

Compassion Packets
Colored Pencils
Different types of Papers: lined, grid, blank, printables with both.

So I looked at a few sites for ideas but this one really stood out. I love the lay out. I obviously have more kids then one little desk can hold…so mine will be on a table. However, I think the jist of it is precisely what I am looking for. Don’t you love how it looks so neat and tidy? I like the towel racks holding up the supplies.

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  1. May 19, 2011 2:47 pm

    This writing area is calling to all my “teacher” cells and brain waves. Is it wrong to want to homeschool, simply because it means you can build your own classroom? Literally. Hmm…

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