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Since this is the End

May 21, 2011

You have less then 12 hours left to do what you need to do. So stop reading this journal or any other, and go and inspire good in the relationships around you… fill everyone up. You will not run out. Look around you , each person was hand chosen from all the world to be with you right now. So pour into the family around you… have a dinner together…write love notes and leave them where they will be found later. It doesn’t have to be fancy you just have to do something..It can be fancy, if that is what inspires you. Just don’t let yourself be stopped.
Here are some ideas to Inspire you:

1.) Make Rice Krispie Treats…quick easy and low fat…oh and gluten free…(or make them out of a different cereal)
2.)Stick love notes so each person will find one…kids, husband, grandparents whatever..even just a quick, “You’re cute” will do nicely.
3.)Do a chore for someone else before they can get it done.
4.)Smack someone on the rear…make sure you know them first.
5.)Tell everyone one thing you appreciate about them…appreciate is a pretty big word to just about everyone.
6.)Donate those clothes you never wear or are too big for you since you lost all that weight.
7.) Tell someone “they look good in that color”…or …”wow your skin is great!”…You just can’t go wrong with those.
8.)Make curry something for your husband…I am not kidding I think all men love curry.
9.)Ask your kids what they are thinking…even if they answer; “Do ants have butts?”…they will be flattered you asked.
10.)Just stop and just “Be” with the people around you….sink into the moments you have with each other. Make a mental picture of how they are today.
11.) Call the people you love and ask them to come over and have grilled chicken and salad…they can bring something too…just be together.
12.) Make a campfire and hang out with your family. Download the StarWalk app and look like a genius when you know each constellation.
13.) Chocolate covered strawberries are super easy.

And after all that….I will see you tomorrow.

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  1. May 23, 2011 9:29 pm

    well do Ants have butts? That’s a GREAT question! I have some hauling off a speck of cantelope in my kitchen…after they eat it – then what? I love your blog…some would say that I appreciate it.

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