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Letters are ready to Go

May 22, 2011

“Why are you tracing my hand momma?” I go around each finger like a million mothers have done a million times.
“So your little friend in Guatemala will know how big you are… and so we can show her that the Silly Band is a bracelet for her wrist,” drawing the arrow from the flimsy pink silly band stapled in the corner to the wrist of the drawn happy hand of my daughter. Mer looks up at me smiling, “I wore the bracelet before I gave it to you,” she admits to me in a happy tone that half asks for a band of her own. Not hearing me say anything about giving her one, she continues, “Its so cool that I had it and now she has it…and if she puts her hand on there,” pointing a sweaty little finger to the drawn hand, “then we will be giving high fives!” She runs off laughing. Off to tell everyone how smart she is and how we drew her hand.

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