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Honey-Do List

May 28, 2011

We all know the world isn’t ending this Saturday but if it was… you have some stuff to do, honey. You need to love and forgive and sink into the moments in your life till you are swirling about in all the wonder and greatness that is your life here on this earth.


1.)Dance in the kitchen…..turn some music on…get stuff done…and shake it don’t break it.


2.)Try a new recipe …How about Quinoa Taco Salad.


3.)Collect your kids. Explain the importance of helping out. At a family get together this weekend tell them to be caught clearing dishes, taking peoples plates (when they are finished) or asking if someone needs more to drink. If you don’t think they are at a point where they would think to do it on their own….then come up with a code word like “lobster” or “Shoelaces”… and then they have to help out/serve. This will take them under ten minutes and they will likely get positive feedback for contributing to the party through service.



4.)Blow bubbles. Make these.Or just go to the grocery and make it quick.Take some to a cook out- enough for all the kids.

5.)Set up a family game. Currently my kids like badmiton.

It’s a great game for kids of different age range.

Nice and slow on a hot day.


6.)These ice cream sandwiches are so cool. Awesome portion control…I would rather the sprinkles would be free of red dye… so if you have a Whole Foods get the dye free kind. But seriously, these look super great!

7.)Find someone this weekend with great skin and comment on it. This is win win… they feel good and you find out what works.

8.) Take a walk and hold hands… in a park or down the street…or if things are hectic this week; just grab your husband’s hand and walk down to get the mail.  Sometimes you just have to be the one to grab someone else’s hand. Telling someone they are important is an act of service.


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  1. May 30, 2011 10:37 am

    my little snooks….not to be confused with one from the Jersey Shore…i love “the diapered ones”

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