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Listen and Be Present

May 30, 2011

Sitting at my brothers new pool I watched my children playing and talking with the other adults.  The other women who sat at the table with me were playing word games.  I didn’t join in.  I was sitting there with everyone at the table but….  I was too busy?

My children may need me..

or be too intrusive for some of the singles sitting by the pool…

or the baby may get too fussy….

one of the kids might need to go to the bathroom.

So there I sit..perched at the ready.

Thinking about how I will organize the next day, the next gathering. Organizing grocery lists…and yard work..and even another event a week from now… My brain shifting things from one category to the next.



Everywhere and not really there all at the same time.


Today another event…chicken to be grilled…texts to send to drop off early so they can help out before everyone else gets there…last minute groceries to pick up and a baby to nap so her schedule lines up with everything else.



Today has to be different… I need to Listen more….Be Present more.


Stop thinking about the next thing.

When I am so busy with the next thing  and I am  not sinking into the place I have been placed right now… then why did I do all the work to get here?

Today’s goal…. to sink in and really be Present to the people around me and to Listen to the day I am in.



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