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How to Kill Stinkbugs

June 2, 2011

I have battled these things for years. I have researched them and looked at as many articles on the brown marmorated stink bug as I could find…
Here is one from Penn State.
Here is where other people are mad too.

But I did it. I got rid of the stink bugs. I may not be their natural predator like this article…. But I dented their population in this house. My house is one of the houses they love. My room and my sons room is their lair…we could easily collect 20-30 in our windows at a time…let alone the amount we would flush in a day.
Did you hear me?? I said 20-30 at a time…NOT in a day! Way more than that in a day!

Do you know how long they can sit in a jar of water? I do. We caught some just to see how long they could swim in water….Guess.
After an hour…one died.
It was not till THREE hours that they all died. 3 Hours!

Okay so this is how I did it. This is how we went from 20-30 at a time ….to maybe one or two at a time.

1.) After the sun goes down we turn off all the lights BUT the hall light. Leave that on and all doors open. (if there is a room with a tv on close that door or they will all go to the screen) This step is for 1-2 hours.

2.) After 2 hours turn that hall light off. I then turned the stairs light on…drawing them further down the hall and down the stairs. (if you life in a one story or apartment…lure them to the foyer or such). This step takes a half to full hour.

At the bottom of my stairs I have this lamp. I think the shape is crucial to getting rid of these brown marmorated stink bugs…so get one of these lamps in whatever style suits you.

3.)Turn the stair light off…all lights should be off throughout the whole house. Turn on the up light. Ours is at the bottom of our stairs so I have now lured them out of the bedrooms, closets and bathrooms and down the hall and stairs to this one spot. The first two nights were disgusting. The stink bugs go in the lamp and have a hard time coming back out and the others are just hanging out all around the lamp.

4.)Gross but true… Grab as many stink bugs as you can and toss them in a bucket of soapy HOT water. Do this before you go to bed. It won’t be pretty. I then poured the bucket into the toilet and flush.

The great part of this plan is it really pulls them out of all the rooms and consolidates them in one spot.
I think if you leave the light on over night it may be a fire hazard , depending on the amount of stink bugs…so be safe and turn it off.
Do these steps for a week or so and see if it doesn’t rid your house of those disgusting pests.

Do you have any secrets to managing the stink bug infestation?

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