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Honey~ Do

June 25, 2011

Hello Sweeties… we did it! We thrived in another week. You really should enjoy the weekend ….you even had to go through the Longest Day and you still did awesome. You cared for everyone. Those times when you wanted to loose it and yet you held it together…Phew… you are truly amazing.
Let’s really get something and give something this weekend….

1.) Catch lightening bugs. Errrr… for my beautiful readers west of Kansas…I was just informed you don’t have lightening bugs? I have to know something about everything so if you need to know all the answers for your kids…here is a National Geographic article. For all of you without fireflys go grab some glo-sticks and run around the backyard. This is the stuff of childhood memories.

2.) I know how others can fear the concept of opening their hearts to adoption , thinking children who have been "StudioScumble at Etsy"relinguished often turn into troubled adults (honestly I would love to meet the adults who are getting off scott free and aren’t the least bit troubled in comparison) but here is an excellent list of all the famous people who are involved in the adoption triad. Some of these celebrities you knew…. but there were some real surprises…so click here to see the full list.

3.) Finish a whole chapter of something inspiring. Truthfully I don’t even know where my book is….and it’s yellow for crying out loud! So I am going to be hard pressed to get this done.. but I will try.

4.)Are mystery zucchinis finding their way to your kitchen? Has your neighbor abandoned a brown box full of arm length zukes without so much as a Howdy? Tis the season…. here is some inspiration:
These look really good and seem totally adaptable to peoples dietary needs…Zuke boats.

A early summer recipe I love is Pasta and Zuke:
Boil your spaghetti pasta (we use Tinkyada) and drain.
using the same pot saute diced chicken, garlic, salt and pepper till cooked
Thinnly slice your zuke and add into your pot with the chicken…cook 3-5mins and throw in halved grape tomatos.
Toss in the drained pasta …add some olive oil and parm. Stir and serve.

5.)On your way out this weekend from my little blog…could you please click over to here and wish Sam well. This lovely lady popped out a baby in her living room on Monday morning before she could even properly brew a pot of coffee. The birth story is on her blog and well obviously it will be brief. Anyways; she is in the first two weeks postpartum and it would be great if you could go over and drop a prayer in her comments section. Don’t we all need a prayer in our comments section when we are within the 2 weeks post partum section?? I mean really.
Oh you don’t know Sam? Oh…well then that’s okay see Sam has spent the past decade and half ministering to women like you,all over the world…so strangers are really friends to her and friends are readily made into family. So see…now you know her. But really…when you were postpartum did it matter if you did or didn’t know someone….weren’t you just happy if someone blessed you some how? Now please go drop a blessing or prayer in her comments section.

Is there anything I could do for you this weekend? Please leave ideas in the comment section. Or if you would like to be featured on the weekend please contact me by leaving word in the comments section. Have a great weekend~T

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  1. June 26, 2011 9:09 am

    um go get a spicy salmon tempura roll with me
    grab a milkshake martini after the baby is asleep
    hold hands and go on a walk skipping like goons
    watch my shit-zu child for me while I go to a rehearsal- oh wait you did that. THANKS!

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