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Honey ~ Do

July 16, 2011

Well here we are again. This weekend I have some easy breezy links for you to flip through. So lets get right to it.

1.) Castrate one miniature horse. Here and here is a simple DIY on the basics….oh wait that is from our list on the fridge. Don’t worry our list actually reads, “Call vet and set an appointment to have horse gelded.” So nevermind gelding your horse, unless you need to , in which case: You are welcome for the reminder.

2.) Make an old Tshirt into “yarn”. Here is a fabulous tutorial and it took me about ten minutes, the first time, only because I was rushing through it and kept loosing my place. The second time it took me about five minutes. I had plenty of tshirts from previous body shapes; mine from being pregnant and my husbands’ from him dropping 75lbs last year. This is a great way to upcycle stained and wrong sized shirts. Your end result doesn’t seem to show any stains.
3.)Now with said yarn…Make these bracelets.Oh I doubted the ease… but let me tell you chickadee these pop off and are completed in Five minutes! My daughters were watching House Hunters International and having a heated debate on which house the couple should choose , so their bracelets took ten minutes. And men, you can look like a rockstar making one or a thousand for your daughter or wife…it is that easy. My husband made a necklace with his daughters during the Philies game…in red of course!

4.)By now you have way too many zucchini. Admit it. You didn’t think it would happen. You thought I was just exaggerating. Well here is the recipe for the muffins.

5.)Oh I am so in love with this Etsy Seller ~ Naptime DiariesI wish she made more 5×7’s…but I think this is just me, because my mom is always telling me, “Why didn’t you make that picture bigger”(—insert Itoldyouso mom voice.
Anyways…. this stuff would look so cute in my house….err….or as a gift for someone else. Specifically this print:
a collection of prints!
6.) Here is a great post I enjoyed reading. Something to chew on. I would love to see what others think too….Here it is at Check One TwoI have seen this trend in parenting circles within the last five years..I would love to hear more from other people on the topic. My large family momma-eyes find it interesting to see what this new mom picked up on in the parenting sandbox.
7.) Try and take 5-10 good pictures which capture the trueness of this summer. You may already have some in mind…or maybe you haven’t really found the perfect one. I challenge you to round them up. We are so blessed to live where we live and to have the benefits we have… we need to capture these blessings and tie them into whatever book or frame we can manage.
Be Blessed~T

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