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July 30, 2011

What a muggy muggy week!

1.) I need to mail out two more Compassion International letters. If you haven’t taken the time to mail out your letters this month…here is your reminder so take the 10mins to encourage your sponsored child. All kids love to get mail! If you have never signed up to help…maybe you should. I believe they even have options available to write to kids who are sponsored by companies and never receive letters from anyone…sad, right? That could be your ministry…your way to change the life of a child. They have tons of other options too…so look into it…here..
2.) Go take a look at the recently castrated horse. See it wasn’t too bad, he did great….

Look it had to be done.. I don’t want to hear any animal activist comments, lol.  He got great care and even better drugs.  Bottom line … no one wants a humpy horse.

I think Bob Barker would be proud, wherever he is…he’s alive right? Either way our horse is officially lighter and the whole farm feels a bit safer.

See Up-and-(alittleless)-atum

3.)Below are some good articles on letting our 1-4 year olds be kids. Reading these articles really helped me remember what I have done well with the other kids… and some things I wish I had done better. I hope they can help you.

4.)Try and work on one piece of meaningful art. I have been procrastinating on my true art… I have worked on toys for the kids and pounds and pounds of new flavors of cheese and sweet butter mixtures, which I am delighted with! All of that while my art withered in the corner, lol. Dont’ get me wrong all of that is fantastic and I love all of those projects, however they aren’t the art which moves me. Ahh well I hope to feel it and be inspired this weekend…or who knows what else I will work on! So get out there and work on your art…your craft…your music..whatever it is…at least for 15mins…Go!

5.) I was recently told that a photo was the best one a person had ever seen. They didn’t tell me in an earth shattering way…just in a simply, “this would be the best photo I have seen in my life”…to which I thought, “Yeah sure.” Then I clicked on it…and I have to say if I held it up to any photo I thought was pretty great…this one would still win. I feel lifted up just to look at it. So I have to agree…it is just simply the best photo I have ever seen. What do you think?
6.) Take twenty minutes and Be Still… what did you learn? What did you feel? How did it occur? Record all of this information…this is your North Star….go towards it.

I hope you have a great weekend and get tons of stuff done or nothing done… just enjoy. Today amongst this list I must make more cheese and I would like to start a batch of these pickles. I tried once before, many years ago, to make fermented pickles and …well the kids called them Tooty Pickles and no one would eat them.
And don’t worry about the Graham, the horse, as of me posting this my husband is currently bringing him back from the next farm over. So he is not too worse for wear seeing as he figured out how to unlock the gate and trot hither and yon as the sun rose this morning! Can you imagine what he was like when he still had his nuts? The world is a better place.~T

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  1. July 31, 2011 9:00 pm

    lol. just because he doesn’t do the “showcase showdown” anymore does not mean he didn’t have the “actual retail price without going over” so yes, he’s still alive You win….a brand new dinette set.

    cue the bump bump ba dum…..*car horn*

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