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Local and Organic Pico de Gallo…

August 1, 2011

I am so happy this year I can enjoy fresh pico de gallo. Last year with the baby I was ruled off tomatoes…oh the agony of this time of year and no fresh ripe tomatoes. This year I am excited to whip up a fresh flavored pico de gallo. None of these little bits go to our rooster, which is what my Argentinian friend tells me is the translation for pico de gallo. So let’s enjoy the season before we are returned to the jar of cooked ingredients called salsa.

Simple Pico De Gallo

3c diced (sort of squeezed out) tomato
3-4 squeezed garlic cloves / 1-2chopped garlic cloves.
2 diced False Alarm Jalepenos…or one seeded and gutted full fire jalepeno ( maybe even half)
1/2 a lime squeezed
1/2c chopped onion

Salt your tomato after you dice it. This will draw out some extra moisture plus tomatos love salt.
After everything else is diced …just toss together. There really is no mystery. Perhaps in the winter with grocery store ripened products you should dress it up with more herbs and spices… but this time of year it is ALL about picked fresh and made simply. Another note…I don’t like bitey onions so as I pick my onions, I dice them and store them in the freezer which explodes their little molecules and sweetens them up nicely.
Get yourself a solid vehicle….something sturdy …something like these..

If you are lucky enough your spouse will watch you make the whole thing and want to live vicariously through your food tolerances and whip you up a batch of chips with refried beans and cheese to dip into your fresh pico de gallo. And that would be because your spouse is from the Midwest and they never leave well enough alone ,lol…and always think more is better….oh right and love you very much…that too!

So much to be thankful for this week….
1. A dewy morning and a redheaded son who joins me in the garden to discuss his superpowers.
2. Weeds pulling up easily.
3. Knowing I have a dreamy husband who laughs that I hate the weeds in my garden- but I don’t mind the weed sitting in heaps in his yard.
4. A steamy husband who always let’s me indulge in my whims and projects.
5. Pounds and pounds of food coming in from the garden and fruit trees.
6. A baby who says, ” saucy” when she means sorry. Which recently became my favorite word… But now really is!
7.a smooth morning.
8.A surprisingly good cheese.
9. Actually getting time to work on art, for the whole crew, not just me.
10. A son who can make the best chocolate chip cookies!

What are your favorite add-ins for pico de gallo or salsa? Do you make it fresh or do you like to can yours? ~T

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  1. August 1, 2011 1:55 pm

    Yay for salsa. I haven’t made any in forever. I think I’d be a hero in my household if I did. Though it would be gone in a flash…

    • August 1, 2011 2:06 pm

      Well if you are going to make some… Now would be the time. It will take under 15 minutes to make.
      Let me know how it goes if you do.

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