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Honey~ Do.

August 13, 2011

Last weekend was a big bust. With everyone sick and out…we scratched our way to this week. Then this week flew by on rollerskates! So here we are again at this weekend and I have stacks of things to do. I filled up two notebook pages of stuff which would probably bore you…i.e cheese to make and barns to clean out and house sitters to line up.  I will also be making plenty of this and jars of this or if that isn’t your speed here is something to keep you a bit entertained while I run all over the place trying to get a few things organized… here is what I skimmed off the top of things I wanted you to chime in on.

1.) I know it is circulating the blogosphere and well…why not here too! You don’t want to be behind the times right? Allrighty then.. go here and see how little children sleep all over the world. It will change you. I hope the pictures stay with you…perhaps inspire you. If they do stay with you …well then maybe you could think about helping out somewhere in this huge world….oh I don’t know..maybe over at Compassion International. But anywhere is good- I am open to suggestions.

2.)Here is an article on How we should talk to Little Girls…so sayeth Lisa Bloom. Bloom brings up some valid points but I have a different take. My thoughts and ideas on the subject are here in this post on Beautiful Girls All Over the World.  As one of my smart readers said in the comment section it  does have something to do with my post on Forgiveness here.

3.) Try and squeeze some serious summer out this weekend. Have a cookout or get together, an impromptu trip to the beach or just set the sprinkler up in the back yard. I don’t know about you but I can feel the crispness of approaching fall even in this hot air. It wont be long till we are decorating with pumpkins and cozy decor…so dive back into summer full force and get all that you can out of it. Was summer just super fast this year? sheesh.

4.)Have you seen Soul Surfer? I have a weird list of my favorite movies ever…I think I am adding this one to my list. Is it because I have daughters who love the water? I don’t know… either way it was really good and my kids really enjoyed it. No one hid behind the sofa. Not scary.

So what are you thoughts on the week?
How about your top Three favorite movies? I would love to hear about it even if your favorite was Mac and Me circa 1984? Three Movies…go!…~T

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