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Hurricane Irene and riding out the Storm.

August 28, 2011







This wasn’t here when I left?!
A friendly stray kitten has been lingering on our deck.
So I guess we have a barn cat?

Should we call it “Irene”?

Only one thing to do at a time like this…
Hurricane Party.

My parents had just won a cook off and were eager to show off their blue ribbon winners.
At least Irene is good for something!

My Hurricane Prepardedness includes:

  1.  One pot of rice made. When the power goes out we can still grill….and rice is okay to sit out for awhile as long as it was made with water and not broth.
  2. Bathtubs full of water. If you take a bucket of water from the tub you can flush toilets, in a power outage. You can also use it to water animals.
  3. We always have cases of water in the basement.
  4. Generators ready to keep freezers and bare essentials running.
  5. All clothes washed…all humans washed too…just in case we loose power, Everything will be clean.
  6. Every car gassed up in case we need to go anywhere.
  7. Flashlights with fresh batteries at the ready.
  8. All phones and ipads charged ….those games and apps will still work!

Did you do any Hurricane Irene preparation?  This is a great time to stock your pantry and check off your supply list.  With winter storms just a few months away , now is the time to get things ready.

We had to evacuate our beach rental….and head home. However we had loaned out our house to another family who was in the process of remodeling their home. They have a three year old and a three month old…so our house is quite the party for the time being. Luckily it is awesome. Both of our husbands are musicians and the good food and good conversation is helping us sail through the storm. Needless to say our kids are having a great time playing together…and then there is that new kitten. ~T

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  1. August 28, 2011 11:10 am

    i TRIED to stock up on milkzeez but alas a family member got there before me…hmmmmm. good thing that family member is a sharer. or good thing I’m a stealer. 🙂

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