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Bee Aware

January 18, 2012

I am currently chasing a *ping* … it’s comical really.

Those *pings*…they tell me to go in a certain direction or pay attention to something closer then I normally would have…they normally end with lessons learned or revelation explained.

I know if I just keep going I will find what He is trying to teach me…

So I am reading bee keeping  books by the stacks, buying them for myself and for the children.

Blazing a trail through the books I decided I needed to pace myself with something to slow me down… instead of hungrily devouring the books, and I can’t figure out a way to paint  AND read…so I picked up some crochet which needed finishing…So now I am stitching and hooking  together these little snippets and turning them into a bigger piece of art…

Taking pieces of a hobby and making them…a lifestyle…

a revelation which I need to hold tight….

but what is it You want me to see….

  • Is it about the unselfish nature of bees? How they work together for their communities greater good.
  • Is it about  how some times it takes entire colonies collapsing to have only the best go forward? After the Colony Colapse Disorder of 2007 which nearly wiped out our food supply the bees are slowly coming back.
  • Is it about bee keepers who don’t care how much honey they get, but just how healthy and thriving the bees are in the hives? Quality vs. Quantity.  How Quantity is a lot like ” the law based” ideas of doing as many good things as possible, keeping as much law as possible with no regard of who you are becoming….VS.  Quality which is so much more “graced based” not focusing on much other then being the best final product with the healthiest  relationship.  An age old Mary vs. Martha argument but in a agricultural or business setting.

  • Is it about the overcoming spirit you must have to approach the bee hive each time you go out to tend them?

Overcoming the fear of the hive and bee community.  No matter how tough you are… How strong you think you are… this teeny  tiny thing, this bee can stop you in your tracks if you don’t get ahold of yourself..your flesh.
How you must dust off the long lost art of quieting your emotions and centering yourself…so lost in a world which tells you to inspect each emotion and memory as if each one is of utmost importance and value.

For more art and bees and to see what else I have already read… Bee Attitudes.

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  1. January 18, 2012 9:00 am

    I am so thankful for the bees…pollinating the flowers in our backyard to give us vegetables! My sister gave me a “bee house” for Christmas and we will set it up soon. My other sister is named Mary and I’m Martha, so that Bible story is one that we fondly read together. We all take turns being the Martha and strive to be the Mary!

    • January 18, 2012 9:39 am

      Oh awesome… Do you instal bee houses when you do hives…ie. St Patrick’s day?
      Such a simple act but so impact ful…good for you!

  2. January 18, 2012 10:28 am

    My parents started Bee keeping a few years ago. We have listened to the stories since then- They lost their first colony and I remember my mother weeping. It was really sad- the man teaching them had removed too much of the honey, they were inexperienced and didnt know what was happening until it was too late. When we visited for Christmas we were able to sample their first honey! It was purple! I brought home a small jar but cannot bring myself to eating it. Its so pretty. Ive never heard of bee houses before.

    • January 18, 2012 11:20 am

      purple? wow! I wonder what gave it that hue?
      From everything I have been reading it seems perfectly normal to loose a colony or two..especially in todays world of varroa mites and CCD.
      No worries about the honey it practically lasts forever!

  3. Megan Noel permalink
    January 18, 2012 4:07 pm

    Did you know that bees should not be able to fly because of their size and weight? This is the illustration I love about bees…when the world says it cant be done God says watch and see. He will make it happen.

  4. January 20, 2012 2:56 pm

    We are moving from the SF bay area to the country (my hometown) next week and are hoping to keep bees for our garden. It was so fun to read your blog today. Thanks for sharing.

    • January 20, 2012 3:03 pm

      oh awesome… well feel free to look at the books I am looking at and if you have any questions on which books were the best …let me know, lol..I have been reading a few:)

  5. January 23, 2012 10:00 am

    I love your Bee Atitudes… so blessed to follow along in your beautiful rhythm of life.
    God is the Master teacher 🙂
    … sending His little bee helpers… how sweet and satisfying!

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