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Poking Around the Winter Garden

January 26, 2012

Well in other news most of our snow is melted on the sunny side of our farm…



The boys were made busy with cleaning the barn.

Sleds needed to be put away and things put back in order.

Chicken coops and rabbit runs cleaned out and spiffed up.

Shedrows swept and water buckets to scrub.

In the process they refused to let the girls in…

I think the girls got the better end of that deal…


We were delighted to find carrots just growing along their merry way!

 At the top of October ,I threw the remains of the seed packets in of both Tom Thumb and Cosmic Carrot.  I had very little faith they would grow.. but better in the ground then lost forever in my laundry room.   Then we had that freakish October snow and my husband went out, like the wise man that he is, and covered all my seeds with clear plastic.

He is awesome…because the carrots are still growing…He’s awesome for other reasons too, just sayin’.

My swiss chard had been crushed by the snow and ice….or maybe by the boy who threw a sled on it…or maybe by snow and ice (shrug).

Some of us  were a little too excited to eat them…sheesh.


It’s crazy to think it is January and I am picking carrots out of my garden.

It was only a day before we left for the beach when I picked the last of the summers carrots.

Are the handful of  dry green beans hanging on the trellis useful for anything?  Could I plant those?

It felt good to go poking about in the garden with my little helper tagging along behind me.

Her and I learned so much together in last summers garden.

It’s almost time I break out my seed catalogs..I always try and wait till February.

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  1. January 26, 2012 10:23 pm

    I say it’s never too early to break out the seed catalogs! 🙂 Dreams are what winter is made of.

    I read about your sponsoring seven Compassion kids, one for each of your own children. I think that’s an awesome idea. And good for you for adopting! And for all it seems you do for your kids…

    • January 27, 2012 9:20 am

      sheesh the things I do anyone can do..I hope I can convey that to others.

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