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Love Gift.

February 14, 2012

I want you to celebrate today.

Celebrate love sent in many packages to you.

Cup the faces of your children… they were sent just to you…in whatever means…

sent to you because He loves you.

Your friends…brought to you in unexpected ways…. all because He loves when His children get along.

Your family…who still no matter how old can laugh around the kitchen counters with your…..sent to go through so much with you.

Your spouse….a warm familiar landscape you see when you roll over in the dark night… handpicked just for you out of the whole world….the whole entire world….




HE celebrates you with gifts




I dare you today… I challenge you… I encourage you…

while you hug your child…send up thanks…”thank you for giving me these babies”

while you make cookies with your friends and share a good laugh…. “thank you for bringing this person….  only You be glorified”

when you slink in close next to the person God chose for you to warm your heart and  feet next to, and you kiss them hard on the lips good night…”thank you so much for this love”

You are what you celebrate….

and you are so so loved.


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  1. February 15, 2012 7:59 am

    what/!!?! first one to comment? glad I can sit around the island and laugh with you…and sing and paint and talk and eat..and eat some more…and complain…and vex…and then be silenced…and then watch babies worship….and stuff their mouths with chocolate…and then leave and do it again the next day….

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