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No Hesitation.

March 30, 2012

It’s a gift to say “yes” …to be willing to do whatever He asks.

It is a gift that He even asks  us at all.

He asked me to go another step…and I thought about it….He wants me to add another branch to this tree He has given me to tend.

I took it home and I asked the man of my dreams and then I covered my mouth with my hands…the idea of it too crazy…because “who am I?”

and my friend, she called the next morning, having been given a vision and she said ” and umm…another thing….” and she told me she thought God wanted me to do the thing I had told my husband about the night before.  She had no idea, I hand’t told her.  I joked and told her to stop hogging the throne room and to get her laundry done.  I told my husband and he was floored.

But I didn’t say yes….I just didn’t say anything, to Him…because “who am I?”

He was giving me another  gift and I hesitated…even knowing all I know…even knowing it’s all about the willing…even though I have witnessed, He provides …even though I walk where a King already has been.

I hesitated….in my hesitation I was devaluing myself  and I was underestimating whether He thought this out.

In my hesitation I saw my Divine Itinerary change…I didn’t catch on till the end of the day.

He had lined up a day of perfectly placed people to facilitate the “crazy thing I am unqualified to do”…He sent those people elsewhere.  They didn’t end up here like planned.

I didn’t say no… but I hesitated.  I wasn’t in any trouble with Him…it wasn’t like that..there was no condemnation from Him.

I went to bed with a different question…”this Prayer~Fast~Worship thing…do you want it to go on?”

I never told you through Lent… you thought it would be more church chewable that way.

I wake up to the call…it’s the secretary, “I am making the bulletin. Is PFW going to go on past Easter?  They want to know… They say it’s up to you.”

I didn’t hesitate…“Yes.”

If I walk in the wake of a King… then there is no room for hesitation…no “making sure this is a good fit for my family”.

If I walk in the wake of a King then He has already provided.

My “Yes” isn’t just to what they asked me…but my “Yes” says I believe it….

and I do,

no hesitation.


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  1. March 30, 2012 11:41 am

    i like your pictures ones green 2 are blue…green means NEW blue means Peace…x 2

  2. March 30, 2012 12:21 pm

    When you said, “It is a gift that He even asks us at all,” it really struck me. I hadn’t thought about how awesome it is that God, the King of the Universe, asks us to do anything for Him. It’s not like He needs us, He just chooses to include us.

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