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A Between Seasons kinda Day.

April 11, 2012

It is a weird kind of day.

It smells  strongly of spring rain but we have little tiny snowballs falling down…not sure what they qualify as…hail or sleet…either way it gets cold then sunny again. Too cold to go out so I took this pitiful pic out the window…call me a wimp but I had already been caught in this at Costco earlier today…so this is all ya get…look what they did to my little lone red tulip at the top of the pic…like I said, it happened a few times today. Little white snowballs at the bottom.

We have accomplished all of our state required school days… but we go year round so we are shifting into our “other school year”…which I am welcoming with open arms.  The stack of work I need to correct and inspect is going to get smaller…and my big breath out will bring peace through this house.  But like I said we do go year round here…so we still have a school rhythm  which is evident everywhere.



Crazy but true.. we have to teach Spanish in this house.  My girls born in Guatemala, have zero ability at Spanish.  It’s a strange but true phenomenon that internationally adopted kids lose their birth language to assimilate with their forever family.  They associate their old language with not having a family and their need to blend in…they just *poof* lose it one day.  I doubted it would happen in our home as we all spoke Spanish to them and have plenty of spanish friends who spoke it with them.  Nope.  Nine months here they dropped it over night.  It was eerie, because we were all still speaking Spanish and they couldn’t understand us.  It is a frustrating thing … because they also didn’t understand English yet…so there they would float with no way of communicating what was happening to them.  Frustrating for sure.   Anyways… we have a wonderful Spanish teacher who comes here and has been teaching all of the kids for two years.  This year I hope to add Rosetta Stone Spanish  homeschool addition.  Has anyone used it?  Any good?

I had a packed day of baseball, music practices, errands, meals to deliver to my grandparents and then a few weird cancelations happened…so I took the time to finish that blasted pillow I was crocheting forever….



To add to the weirdness.. how about this weird but beautiful tulip.  I just love it.  It bloomed on Easter and I just love it.  The fire of colors and the twisted petals.


Sheesh I was working on this pillow for. ever…..

~Running Uphill
~Sex, Marriage and Hooking and how to be free in all of it.

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  1. April 11, 2012 6:33 pm

    this is interesting, the children loosing their language. Grace looks at us blankly when we speak Spanish. Then out of the blue the past two days she asked for bread in Spanish ‘pan’. Crazy. Makes me wonder what of the gibberish is spanglish.

    • April 11, 2012 7:34 pm

      well that is interesting because they also say they can just *poof* wake up and turn that part of their brain back on and have fluency… This has never happened with my girls. They can not even roll their r’s.

  2. April 11, 2012 11:20 pm

    I had a student who had been adopted from Russia, who just 7 months after having left Russian was unable to speak with another Russian speaking student who had entered our school. I’d been surprised she could lose it so quickly (she was 7 years old) but thought it was because nobody around her spoke Russian. Now I suspect it was probably more the sort of loss you are explaining here.

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