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Snips and Snaps….

June 1, 2012

Well let’s be honest here…I have written a post every day…

and scrapped it.

I fuss about at the computer and just don’t know what to say…or rather it is that I have so much to say and no where to start… and sometimes I haven’t known how to stop.

Not a writers block… because that would hint at me being a writer…

and I am much more a thinker than a writer…

and all my readers shout “amen”.



It has been one of those weeks… not a bad one…just one of many things.  So without writing about each one…Perhaps it will help me to just let them all out in praise…just gush thanks till it is all out:

  1. That the copper headed child doesn’t need stitches and he is healing up just fine.
  2. Memorial Day Family cook-out.  Grabbing those small moments where I can sit and chat with those around me.
  3. My baby started talking in long sentences some of which included…”Where is my pink potty?”…and then there is all that goes along with that.
  4. Major building projects the love of my life is thinking about.
  5. An abused woman sought me out….still debating on writing about this. (this is the one I couldn’t figure out how to end)
  6. The garden  has been expanded and hopefully I will be getting all the plants off the deck and into the garden.
  7. Hearing that copper headed son figure out the math of when he will be 12 his older brother will be 19, “Good because I want an ice cream sandwich and he will drive.”
  8. Knowing that when my uncle died this week…he is healthy now.  There was no question where he went. Peace in this.
  9. Running around, for the Bridal shower, is done…now onto the party!
  10. Hearing Him tell me to take my kids to pray for my grandfather (because of my uncle having passed)…and getting to finally coordinate it today.  Amazing moments of three generations praying together.
  11. Understanding that everyone is on their own path…and sometimes that means they won’t always make sense to me…that’s okay.
  12. My husband having someone to write music with once a week.
  13. Knowing that sometimes, when you think He is being quiet…He is just waiting for you to do the last thing He asked..the last thing He said.
  14. How exciting it is to know my brother is marrying the right girl!  We get to have her in our family forever…it’s a pretty big deal.
  15. How our Sunday Dinners are evermore becoming an Everyday lifestyle… a way of being.
  16. The way my kids pray…they pray better then they speak…it is such a phenomena to listen to.
  17. Counters lined with fresh grown food.
  18. an attic fan…running at night… the hum of summer and the coolness of sleep.
  19. This dear blog and her Facebook page...and all the nice things said about my recipe cards.  I hear you and it has my wheels turning.  Mostly I am just so humbled by your words.
  20. A darling husband who shuts his office door, with me inside and says, “just write something…. and finish it.”
  21. My grandfather’s voice, “We love you,” as we loaded up in the car after praying for him….he’s not really the “I love you” said-all-the-time-sort.
  22. rain in the garden
  23. my house clean from top to bottom
  24. Oh! having heard the Before Kony2012 video.… I barely knew about Kony because I stay clear of things that get a lot of media hype…(Right or wrong, it’s the way I am)…I saw what happened before Kony…and it is one of the single most powerful  and crazy stories I have ever heard outside of the Bible.  I don’t know how to embed it here…but you need to hear it so click on Before Kony 2012  and listen.  If you don’t have time you could easily skip  (fast forward) to the  30min line  after you get the gist of what the speaker is trying to say.  But it is a riveting story.  It is not about numbers… it is about determined passionate hearts.  To hear him tell you about how many high places Kony had given himself to… blows your mind.  I mean you haven’t heard this kind of stuff since Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness .   But how these Ugandans took down Kony is real!!  Really makes you think. Amazing.



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  1. June 2, 2012 4:02 pm

    Knowing that sometimes, when you think He is being quiet…He is just waiting for you to do the last thing He asked..the last thing He said….
    all your praises were awesome but this one will stick with me for a long time….
    Thank you for sharing into your life with us… we are blessed to walk along
    God bless you all!

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