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Just Dance

June 25, 2012

I remember at my wedding reception years ago…my skinny brothers took the dance floor.  Although I knew my brothers made the sun rise and set each day…I never knew they had “moves”.

Their skinny little early teen selves could cut.a.rug.

I remember laughing with my freshly minted husband as we  watched my brothers who had always hung the moon dance way into the night.

My little brothers who I would plunk into a red wagon and haul out to the raspberry patch, as babies, in the morning to get a colander full of berries for pancakes.  Their little diapered selves sitting with red stained raspberry faces.

Later  tying our Rhodesian Ridgeback dog to the wagon-filled with my brothers and racing around the backyard pausing only to put riding helmets on them after my mom cracked the window to yell, “Hey that’s dangerous!”  Apparently ill fitted horse riding helmets fit the bill for safety.

So Saturday night as my brother looked at me, while his freshly minted wife danced with her father, and said, “Can you believe this…. you practically raised me…did you ever think this would happen?”

I had no words… just a big smile and then I promised him

that my husband and I would help him and his wife  forever…however we could…forever.

The music paused and the M.C. announced the next dance and my brother smiled and patted me on the shoulder saying,

“Thanks, I know.”

So much to be thankful for I am just brimming….

  1. A beautiful wedding.
  2. A new sister
  3. My brothers’ forever happiness.
  4. A babysitter that can handle two straight days of watching seven kids….and can watch them better then I could have hoped.
  5. Finally having the space and time to take care of things which had to be put way to the side till after the wedding…like my bees! Which are thriving!
  6. The love of my life holding a super full of live bees and frames for 20mins while I dug around in the lower level and repaired a few things.
  7. New friends inviting me to lunch dates this week.
  8. Seeing all my family dancing together.
  9. My sister’s husband walking in on his hands when the bridal party was announced at the reception.
  10. Watching my brother dance and dance and dance.
  11. Remembering how I loved seeing their skinny little selves dance at my wedding and now seeing them so happy…and married!
  12. Getting to sit with my grandparents out side in the cool of the night, in all their finery and laugh like we did years ago.
  13. Hanging out in the grooms’ room…and my sister finding us…and hanging out with us all too!
  14. Dancing with my uncle who said such nice things to me at my own wedding reception years ago….Tom, did you ever know that made such an impact?
  15. Making my husband pay that same favor forward to my brothers’ wife.
  16. How many people noticed and loved my Wedding birds….I didn’t even know what to do with their compliments.
  17. Getting to personally thank my Aunt Susan who took me to water painting lessons when I was very little and in a traumatic point in my young life.
  18. The remainder of fans I brought (left over from the bridal shower)….holy moly I could have sold those for $100 a piece, lol…a future staple for my purse at all times!
  19. Getting to tie all the bow ties for the wedding… just wandering into the grooms room and seeing all the helpless untied men…so fun getting to be part of that…even if I sweated my way through tying my brothers’…the other grooms may have given me a shot of really aged whiskey to get it together.
  20. Who knew I knew how to tie bow ties… that can only be God for sure!
  21. Dancing with two of my younger (girl :)) cousins at the same time…laughing so hard we practically collapsed.
  22. Getting to dance with the good Doctor and his wife…. and the good doctor protecting us from other guys dancing with us …Thanks from my husband and me…lol!
  23. Watching my 80 year old grandfather and grandmother shimmy and shake…can you tell I love to dance!!!
  24. Hilarious hey tells and texts….with my new sister in law,my newly married brother and all my friends as we raced to home or hotel after the wedding reception…woowoo.
  25. Knowing that my God is in each moment… He provides…and surrendering it all…means all.
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  1. r.elliott permalink
    June 25, 2012 1:03 pm

    T…it sounds like it was a wonderful celebration…so thankful for all the joy that filled your hearts…just many years between you and your brother…I had my first 3…then a 7 year gap…and then the last 2…there are 13 years between the oldest and youngest. When my daughter got married…the brother11 years younger spoke at her rehearsal dinner…through tears he spoke of how she was like a second mother to her…so sweet…I can’t imagine her when he gets married.

    • June 25, 2012 4:43 pm

      Oh thanks!
      I am about 11 years older then them.
      I would do anything for them

  2. June 25, 2012 4:47 pm

    This is lovely. Made me smile so much, thinking about the night. Such a beautiful, happy night.

  3. June 25, 2012 8:57 pm

    What a lovely wedding and loved how you shared your brothers. Hopping over from Ann’s today. Blessings on a lovely list…I espcially loved the last one.

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