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Jolt and Dina.

June 26, 2012

I drove by the homeless family and heytelled my husband….”What do you want me to do?  He has a wife and two babies…and a sign that says he has no job and no money.”

I turned the music down as I banged a u-turn in the Petco parking lot.   I look backwards as I kick my car in reverse and see the mountain of food I just purchased  at Costco for my family of nine…my arm rests on the new outdoor lounge chairs I got for my husband and I.

I pull into the David’s Bridal parking lot and scoot the bulls eyed Target  bags off the front seat so I can even find my purse….my day of errands has gone by seamless and I had just delighted in the fact that it was only twelve thirty.

My husbands’ return hey tell comes through and I know what I am supposed to do…it’s not surprising to me…I know him so well… but it is always good to check that we are on the same page.

 I am just blessed that I get to be the one to do it!

But you know what is surprising…How as I sat there with Jolt and Dina on the curb….I watched car after car drive by them.  I mean, it was a never ending stream of cars all obviously turning there head as if they hadn’t read Jolts’ signs or seen his little Hungarian babies….and I saw them assess the situation.

We sat there at  the major exit for Target and Costco… people driving by in fancy cars full of food….and only one other lady in a beat up minivan stopped and handed Jolt $2.
After sitting and listening to their story and playing with their babies I became more and more aware how no one was stopping.

At first I started to get really mad… but then I just sort of faded into embarrassment….This man with his wife and babies were not enough for these people to stop.

I imagine the brief excuses I had made in my head as I driven over to this small family, had won out in their minds.

“What is he going to do with my money?”

“He should get a job”

“Can’t he go to a shelter?”

“Will he rob me if I give my money”

And my husbands’ voice trumped all those excuses….

“It’s not our money at all….and it is all how we steward it… and as God has provided for us….He has put people in our lives that He wants us to provide for…it isn’t our money…and the second we think it is, we put limits on how much we can make….But our God is infinite, and as long as we are aware this money is His money, there are infinite possibilities.  So when we don’t know…we sow it as a seed and know that we know that we know He knows our heart… and all of it is His to begin with.”

(I think the caption in this photo is pretty accurate)

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  1. r.elliott permalink
    June 27, 2012 9:58 pm

    I heard the Toeys(blind side peeps) talk about giving…they said the money isn’t theres and God asks us to live with a generous heart…they give…it is between that person and God what they do with it. thanks for sharing this…God has been doing a work in my heart the over the years…he really used the book…Same kind of different as me….oh if you have not read it…I highly! recommend it. blessings~

    • June 28, 2012 7:44 am

      if He is doing a work…just respond to it.
      HE knows your heart…and HE loves it.
      I will check out the book.

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