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Saturday Night Joy.

July 2, 2012

I just want to gush about what happened at PFW on Saturday night.

Were you there?  It was amazing… and if you stayed till the end you would have felt amazing joy.

Joy in sitting at His feet.

A Joy in being with likeminded hearts reaching high and lifting voices and instruments even higher.

We had new musicians come with instruments I had never seen in person.

Praise went up and in a torrent from heaven joy poured down on us.

and it was contagious.

old women got out of their seats to get closer

young women sang in notes that came straight from heaven.

Men smiled wide with heads kicked back facing Him as He beamed proud.

Others they, climbed out of the seats….you couldn’t stay silent….or still.

So intimate….but so intensely happy.



I felt torn on what exactly to write about today….my heart is just bursting with so much to tell you…So I will just get to my list of Thanks, for now!

  1. My sister is having a girl!!!! A niece!
  2. A PFW of intense praise….so good…so amazingly good…satisfying but all the while making you hungry for even more!
  3. Someone reminding me yesterday morning…“You said He would be there…” with a big smile, as he shook my hand at the door.
  4. Meeting new friends….ones with hunger for the future…to run in His wake.
  5. A new friend who moves so much in worship he is all but a blur!
  6. A lunch with a friend…her profound words always resonate in me….travel with me.
  7. His Provision…that storm(a tornado?) knocked all those trees in a corral around my home… but not landing on it…as if a hedge of angels surrounded my home (big smile!)
  8. My brother has profound discernment…. I have said it before….”I know he hears from I know he heard”
  9. How much healthier my grandmother is looking…OH! I need to tell you about this amazing revelation I had in my own life…and I shared with her and since then it’s healing and health all around…remind me , will you!?
  10. How sometimes God gives you just enough to get you moving…and once you get moving you hear the rest…I love that step after the first step!
  11. Hearing yesterday morning…that reconciliation won’t always happen….forgiveness does.  He keeps telling me people are on their own path…just let them be.Once they are forgiven, it’s up to them.
  12. Needing direction and Him telling me to go towards the “good fruit and steer away from the sour grapes”.
  13. Gathering somewhere on Sunday…that even if someone tries to turn you down mid word (grrrrrrr)…people will shout to hear you get back on track, tune back in ….some want to hear…bless them.
  14. Gobs and gobs of fresh garlic from my very favoritest garlic grower…Thanks Bill!!!!!!
  15. Sound hard sleeps every night….I am sure the hard work of clean up is helping that!
  16. homeschool portfolios officially handed in.
  17. my husbands’ new work schedule.
  18. alligator floaty races with friends….hilarious!…and so competitive,lol.
  19. The Voice translation of the Bible….it is my new favorite to read over breakfast with the love of my life every morning.  It has actually jumpstarted my reading…which I really if you need a kick to the pants, try it.
  20. Meeting new awesome people every day…as a previously very jaded …err probably judgmental person….I love this new awareness….and I am glad that He is constantly evolving us if we will walk in it.
  21. He wakes me up hungry for growth
  22. That my husband could play real drums at PFW…instruments should be real…and it is a blessing to have them.
  23. Again I am reminded  (and thankful to know) about how the Holy Spirit and the religious spirit look so close (Thanks again for that!!!!)… because now I see it oppose the Holy spirit…grrrrrr.  Plus the religious spirit seems to rise up angry every time the Holy spirit has just been there….it’s frustrating for sure, but now I see so much more clearly.

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