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Beat..or Beet…or both?

July 7, 2012





Oh I was beat….lol….that is why I was quiet.
So much going on…we are still chopping the trees that have fallen…every day seems to be a more intensive clean up project. Today all made more interesting with temperatures over 100*.  Wonder of wonders, today a crew came to help my grandfather clear the riding trails.  I offered to make the food for everyone… cooking for a big  work crew is definitely where I feel very comfortable.  Feeding hungry tired people always makes me feel useful.

But before that…oh was I beat.
Yesterday and today I feel like I have gotten far enough away from the ugliness that haunted me …I hesitate to dump it on you…you have enough to deal with. (smile)
I really had no idea what to do with it…so I just carried it…and it pushed me down.  Very reminiscent of the patterns I set up as a child to cope with a similar pressure…I just go far away. Suffice it to say…people can be harsh. But that is just the way things are, right? Sometimes they do things they normally wouldn’t…but either way what’s done is done, and sometimes it’s done with sights set on you. Then you are left knowing they may always have that capability and little to no stopping power.
and don’t they say, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”…I should be an ox by now.
But here I am on the other side…once again.
I will tell you a story my brother recently told me, and leave it at that….

He had been mowing on the riding mower….and he mowed over a nest of ground bees. There he was….just doing what he was supposed to be doing. And there…there were those ground bees doing exactly what they thought they should be doing. So my brother jumped off the mower and ran. He ran right into the pond and dove under…and he surfaced and there they were…the ground bees, waiting for him. He thought if he just put enough space between him and the bees he would be safe…he hadn’t intended to stir up the ground bees. But every time he stuck his head up to catch his breath…there they were. He had wondered how many times he would have to duck back under the water. Him swimming to the surface only to be forced right back down. Eventually, they stopped and he climbed out on the other side of the pond….safe,just out of breath.

Yep, I get that.

And tonight is PFW… I honestly don’t know what will happen. You should come.  I am sure He will be there…He seems to like it there.  And I love Him…so that makes me smile.

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  1. r.elliott permalink
    July 7, 2012 9:32 pm

    T…nice to hear from you…so much going on…those growing pains…ouch. I pray you are refreshed in His presence tonight. xoxo to you~

  2. July 8, 2012 12:16 am

    Sounds like you have had a rough go of it for a while . . . praying you are lifted up on the wings of worship tonight.

  3. Loraine permalink
    July 8, 2012 8:25 pm

    Some days we are the mower and some days, the bees! Hang in there. Thanks for taking care of the clean up crew. I know they, and your grandparents appreciated it. You are a huge blessing to so many.

    • July 8, 2012 8:37 pm

      oh loraine thanks… but I really do love making the food and feeding everyone.
      I am just so thankful and amazed and just humbled that everyone came out to help!

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