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All just one body.

July 9, 2012


We sat by the pool and I hoped it hot enough to evaporate any sign of tears appearing in my humbled eyes.  I had just sat down to see if anyone wanted to take Long Communion… and perhaps I still got it…in a way…I went away much fuller then when I sat down…and had there been bread nearby I would have broken it with him and  celebrated all that he said to me.

Through an accent like a charm bracelet of all the places he  had ever ministered or lived  in….

he said he has circled the Earth three times in 5 years….

He spoke lovingly about South Africa and how they will go and build an intentional  community there….how his heart is for its’ people.

He talked of places he and his beautiful wife had been wretchedly sick in ,like Panama City and Egypt.

He said no matter what ,it feels good to see the body gathering together…

whether it be in the persecuted church in Afghanistan rising up in spite of it all…

or when he sees the body overcoming racial segregation in the Cape of South Africa…

or  when he goes to a Sunday Dinner of people packed tightly ,gathered in His Name around a farmhouse table enjoying chicken, mint tea  and talk of worship.

When he said it I wanted to throw my hands up pushing his words back at him, push them right back into his chest but I didn’t flinch, afraid to even blink…don’t lump me in with that…I am just a soup maker…a chicken griller…I just want to serve…don’t put what we do in that list.  What I do is nothing compared.  I am so small in comparison  to all of those places you have been, my thoughts racing I barely caught what he said next….

“Because we are all just one body with different struggles to overcome no matter where we live, so wherever we overcome  each other and the enemy wanting to tear us apart…and  we gather…we gather and worship….it is beauty….”


I am thankful…and that is an understatement…

  1. Watching a worshipper take his first solo flight at PFW….like it or not, you are flying…just you and Him!
  2. Seeing…hearing..all the different ways He incorporates people into one thing…He seats us at His banqueting table for sure.
  3. Getting to sit and listen to a man who has worshipped all over the world…who has ministered all over this planet…and hearing his thoughts on God.
  4. New good friends coming back through my doors….the light in their eyes says all I need to know!
  5. sitting and joking like kids at the table…shoulder to shoulder…because it was a packed house…Awesome!
  6. What  happens when you start agreeing with The Holy…and what happens after that.
  7. 30plus people appearing at my 80 year old grandparents home to help cut through the trees and damage!
  8. Getting to serve those people lunch afterward….I love it!
  9. This blog…full of Grace…I love her…I love her vision…I feel like her blog is a closet I can just browse from…She takes what you have and helps you define it.
  10. Anonymous phone calls from California which tell you to pray without ceasing…..just left it on the voicemail…can you imagine that person hearing it from God: “Okay so you want me to call this number and tell them what?”
  11. A guy in the parking lot telling me what I got up and said had to have been for him (smile) because of this and that….just good to hear it.
  12. A son who finds a guitar and a stool…. and with eyes closed tries to play along with the Torwalt CD.
  13. Bright  white and crisp blue chevron dress…got to love a brand new dress…especially when it is on sale!
  14. Living a life where our Sunday Dinner….is reaching into every day and area of our lives…is that called ministry?…not sure,don’t need a name…just love it!
  15. How people like my birds…curious to me….makes me shake my head.
  16. Surprising the man I look up and into every day with a night out dancing….in all of our years of marriage we have never just done that with out a reason.
  17. Having the most wonderful babysitter in the whole world…she reminds me of myself (at that age) and she seems as capable as I was at managing children…peace in  a momma heart for sure.
  18. Happy warm baby who likes to be passed amongst strangers…. the whole world her community…her passport filled.
  19. Waking up today and hearing a message from one who Hears…a vision which nods agreement to everything God has told my husband and I for years….show us the place!
  20. That He would talk to me every day…. and that His provision is good.
  21. That the man of my dreams…always wants to hear my ideas, my opinions…my thoughts on leadership…and how he trusts me…and knows I Hear… and he is fully secure in all of that…because he is the most perfect man in the world for me!
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  1. r.elliott permalink
    July 9, 2012 11:08 am

    T…first I what an adorable baby. I am so God does not compare His children, one against another…one’s deeds weighed against another…no …He just longs for each of us…to hear His voice and obey the things He has for us…when He comes…may we be found faithful…right where we are…I think you my friend are doing this very thing.

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