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Follow the Good Fruit in your Life.

July 14, 2012



There is good fruit and there is bad.

Just because you have some bad fruit on a tree doesn’t mean the tree isn’t capable of producing ample delicious fruit.

All it mean is you should steer clear of the bad fruit… stay back from it.

Just don’t let it distract you…don’t let it bring you down..keeping your eye on the rotted fruit can keep you from seeing all that is truly good.

It can change your perspective and lead you to lessen how much provision has really been provided.

You stand there… you look…and you reach with both hands after the good fruit.

Because good fruit doesn’t mean easy fruit… but it will be good, that is for sure.

Take the good…leave the bad.

You will be rewarded if your keep you eye on the prize…and fill your baskets with all the good fruit provided to you .



~Are you going to PFW tonight?  I will see you there…He will be there… He has been starting a great thing.

He is most definitely on the move.

It feels more and more everyday that the earth shakes with the move of Him.

If you need direction today…  where He is, will be the very best fruit.  So go where He is providing good fruit.

(sharing with ginny’s garden journal.)

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  1. July 19, 2012 9:18 am

    Visting via Ginny

    What a great thought-provoking post. Thank you so much for sharing


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