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The Worship in the Silence.

July 16, 2012

What would worship look like if we created it today.

If we didn’t know how it had been done.

But what if all we had was Him in front of us…and it started today.

Would it be a sad little song of pitiful us?

Would it be a jumping loud song with lots of yelling praises?

Would we just repeat over and over “holy”

or would it be silence….

would we just sit still in this noisy world and hold the space quiet.

Quiet just for Him.

A worship of knowing…of faith filled wonder… He exists and He will show Himself.

What if after our voices strained towards Him…we sat quiet letting the weight of it fall on us.

A holy anticipation of what He will do with our offering.

Of hearts aflame sitting in a holy expectation.

Can worship look like our silence…our sitting in a space and welcoming Him in?

In a world that is consumed by noise and even our electronics are putting off hums when turned off… can we offer up an offering of silence.

Are we even capable of it?  Can our fidgety selves wait in knowing that He will respond.  Do we have the faith for it?

Waiting in ultimate vulnerability that He exists and He hears the praises of His people.

When we look for holiness are we looking for a space so quiet that we can only hear Him.

no distractions.

are the very rocks crying out in their silence, in their very rebellion of all the man made raucous?

Because in the silence…in the stillness… we come face to face with the truth: Nothing we do, nothing we say will make Him love us less…or more.

There is worship in our silence.

So much to be thankful for at the start of this very very busy week:

  1. A houseful of guests coming to stay.  Our house will be bulging with joy for sure!
  2. Nothing like a ton of people coming to get a bunch of projects completed!  So busy with cleaning up after the storm some things have been tossed to the side.
  3. A house big enough for our family of nine plus …is it 5 more?  I think so.
  4. Sweet emails from folks at PFW… brighten my day.
  5. Costco lady ( the welcome lady) whispering Bible verses in my ear…Oh wait your Costco lady doesn’t tell you “God Bless you girl” when you walk by?  hmmm, weird.
  6. emails from world travelers telling me thanks… No, thank you!… I treasure your time here!  Stay here any time.
  7. ole Doc taking a few seconds out of his weekend to administer healing.
  8. talk of third heaven…over mint tea and garden vegetables and thick pork chops.
  9. rain…things greening back up.
  10. hay season…and how easy it is to stockpile hay this time of year… it’s relaxing to see full hay rooms.
  11. being asked to do photography for an event… fun for sure.
  12. a handsome husband who can just learn a new instrument when needed….of course he loves a reason to buy a new one.
  13. a flock (4) of herons or storks honking overhead… is it a sign if it is storks? yikes!  They were long and beautiful and flapping with the occasional honking sound…quite nice.
  14. my oldest son being able to do something really special…can’t let the cat out of the bag just yet…. but I will surely be hidden deep behind my camera blinking hard… I will let you know as it unfolds this week!  Can you tell I am about to burst?
  15. the odd way our little PFW reverberates through peoples lives…and hearing back crazy testimonies…
  16. seeing how PFW has  cast out nets which always bring back good fruit in our lives.
  17. how the baby murmurs about her “big brudder” before bed
  18. How because of this...I now feel the effects of prayer much differently and more poignantly.  I don’t think I was ever as in tune to healing as I am now.
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  1. r.elliott permalink
    July 16, 2012 9:48 am

    T….I love the pictures…the little ladybug…quiet and still…resting on God’s beauty. oh yes…silence…soaking in all…worship too deep for words. HIs love is complete…we can’t add or take away….sweet list…blessings to you~

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