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Reach Out…or the meaning of Portion

July 30, 2012






We were given not because we are so great

we have been given so we know there is plenty

we were given so we can testify to Him being our portion

a portion so great…

so  far beyond our concept of portion

so not a human sized portion

but we have been given access to what God considers “portion”

A God sized portion.

and think…just think about it…

a portion.

Where He draws from, is enough that every single one of us can have a God sized portion.

Sit with that….What have you done recently that deserves a God sized portion? …. exactly.

Now with that portion …just give…the act of giving is a direct message straight up piercing the heavens…it says, “I know You will always provide…I just know it!”

We weren’t given because we are so great by human standards.

We have been given so we can give….

We sit at His banqueting table with a banner of Love billowing over us and  we keep passing the bowls around ….




I am so thankful … but to start off this week I will only name a few:

  1. The knowledge we only limit our portion by what we think a portion looks like…. but when we think God-sized portion the opportunities are endless.
  2. 100 plus back to school book bags given away…no strings attached.
  3. Women who can knit and crochet art quality baby blankets to be given away to strangers… many strings attached, all knit with love 🙂
  4. A giant turn out of people that came out just to enjoy the day…just to work side by side with Him… just to be His hands and feet.
  5. That He even let’s us work with Him.
  6. Good weather.
  7. No matter how many languages were spoken all people speak “Smile” and  all kids speak, “Balloon?”
  8. Albeit synthetic fur is really sweaty on an 88* day…. it speaks to kids in a way that draws them in.
  9. Stevie bringing his years of experience….his vast world travel of speaking kids native language of fun.
  10. That Stevie’s inner child is so huge he must wear it  on the outside.
  11. My husband can put aside his agenda for whatever needs to happen.
  12. iPhones with great internet connection so the love of my life can just google any song that is requested
  13. That any song you throw at him…he can just play it.
  14. How cool it was at PFW that it was pouring down rain on one side of the building and not raining on the other.
  15. That a broken mama’s heart can be mended  a little more each time she goes there and reaches out to other mothers
  16. A community which is inspired by the awesome story of a mama’s heart that He wanted redemption for…who doesn’t want part of that story.
  17. How exciting new back packs were as a kid… I am sure those kids loved being handed a new one!
  18. A lazy day Sunday Dinner…. refreshing after a busy month.
  19. pesto pesto and more pesto.
  20. PFW having a pouring rain out one window and a dry parking lot on the other.
  21. an awesome rainbow…. His never ending response to our worship.
  22. all who come out and participate in His Presence at PFW… He is there… He always shows up.
  23. Noa really bringing’ it at PFW… freedom of a child.
  24. My kids learning so much from the Olympics… seeing countries compete and come together… and where any of those countries are.
  25. rain and lush pastures.
  26. a friend who is just beaming with a new joy….you are adorable!


6 Comments leave one →
  1. Carol permalink
    July 30, 2012 9:49 am

    Awesome T!! Hugs

  2. jacque permalink
    July 30, 2012 12:34 pm

    Love it!

  3. Sharon St. Clair permalink
    July 30, 2012 5:57 pm

    Wow, Big smile on my face, warm feelings in heart!
    Thanks….what a blessing.

    • July 30, 2012 6:08 pm

      Thank you.
      for doing this
      for putting aside a sad heart for a happy one
      for being His hands and feet.
      for saying yes
      for calling us.
      no, dear…thank you.

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