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I gave a word…now I get a word.

August 13, 2012

….the to be continued from this post….

I saw Stacey Campbell motion us from the doorway to follow her…perfect timing.

 Julie Meyer was singing her last song and I needed to get home. I grabbed my purse and acted like I wasn’t getting up in this huge meeting and walking out from the front row. We had spent the day together and I could see why Stacey was “the real deal”. Her true heart and real personality tied tightly together in honesty…she is what I would call a safe person. She is with you but you can feel how her heart is always with her family. She comes to these things because He told her and she is willing… but there is a faraway to her that is always with her family. I like that edge of transparency she carries with her. There is nothing church-bot about her. I looked through her and there was no business of church…she wants to impact you with what His heart is saying….because if not for that; she would be elsewhere.

So I followed my friend out with our heads bowed, not making eye contact.

Hesitantly ready to say my goodbyes to them and this strange little day. “We should pray for you before you go.” I shook my head no…not because I didn’t want it… but because they were “off the clock” and I hate when speakers are accosted when they are just trying to get back to their hotel room… just leave them be. So I tried with the good-byes again…and no one was having it. So with their insistence we found a cold hotel hallway corner in plush chairs and settled in….me sitting awkwardly in the position of being the need and not filling one.

a quote from Trisha Frost that I jotted down.

Now what do I tell you?

How and what do I tell you when one of the most gifted speakers, prophets and prayers in the whole continent, let alone probably the world, kneels next to you and speaks over you? I will say was very confirming and affirming. She called me out and told me who I am and who I would be. She didn’t know my story, we had just met. So for her to speak into me… to validate who I am and to give me advice was alarming in a good way. She also connected a portion of her own story with what I would need to do. She finished the story which she had told on stage about the Bible study women and how she stayed with them for 7 years. I thought at this point the story would end happily with those women coming and apologizing to her… but no. They never learned their lesson and it ends worse then before…. but she needed to be able to see His face in the midst of all of it. Not grow bitter. Even though they would never change…never be who she wanted them to be. She had to learn to see His face in it…fly above it… rise above it…not be distracted.

Always look for His face…look for where He is meeting you….look past a crowd of whatever is placed in front of you… and walk through to meet Him.

He is not just your Savior for eternity…He is your Savior in each and every moment that He provides to you.

And that is the way it is.

Other modern-day prophets include Barbara Wentroble, Barbara Yoder, Stacey Campbell, Jill Austin, Beth Alves and Jane Hamon. These women have prophesied in the United States and around the world. While their ministries are quite diverse, each one has stepped forward to answer the Holy Spirit’s call in Acts 2:17: “Your daughters shall prophesy” (NKJV)~ Charisma Magazine February 2012.

What an interesting weekend…so much to be thankful for:

  1. Friends who invite me along on their adventures.
  2. Dear friends who will promote you like you promote them.
  3. A husband who will mind the house and the kids and cancel his plans because , “oh you gotta do this…go out to lunch with them, spend the day with other prophets!”
  4. An aunt willing to lug her giant hammer dulcimer into the city, to loan to me.
  5. Sitting around eating lunch with my fabulous friend and her friends Stacey Campbell and Julie Meyers…and just being people.  No agenda.
  6. Women with such spiritual power and they want to promote you…encourage you…they have true hearts, not the business of church…. as my brother calls it, “The real deal”.
  7. Stacey Campbell and my friend stopping me from getting in the elevator and speaking some parting words of truth into my life!
  8. Twitter and Instagram… it is turning out to be fun.  If you don’t do either, you still can follow along by checking in here and reading the right side of my site.
  9. Everyone who showed up to PFW…ole Daniel Hazelwood was there and it is like grabbing the train to the throne room for sure…that guy could sing the phone book and make it worship. (did you see us on Twitter?)
  10. Chicken wings and jokes after PFW.
  11. Dual birthday parties with amazing new friends.
  12. Kids running through the  sprinkler all day.
  13. Pesto, pesto pesto…everyone agrees…there is just something  amazing about this pesto version.
  14. Hammer Dulcimer music just twinkling through this house all day yesterday, as every musician had their own song.
  15. Oh Long Communion it has been such a long time since we have done it…so good! so good!
  16. Such good friends surrounding and speaking directly to your spirit and for feeling like you can breathe because of it.
4 Comments leave one →
  1. Jessie Aitken permalink
    August 13, 2012 4:47 pm

    There is just something divine about experiencing new things with a friend. It’s like discovering a new land. You’re strength paired with your vulnerability makes every moment with you an opportunity for god to speak in some way and I just love doing life with you T!

    • August 13, 2012 7:15 pm

      right back atcha! I really appreciate you taking me along … and you are so 100% right about the new land…”no one puts baby in the corner!” (lol)
      Thanks for not being like a version of Hoarders about your awesome life… you want prosperity for everyone as much as I do.
      I appreciate your ability to neither get jealous nor territorial about these opportunities. You rock!

  2. lesha permalink
    August 16, 2012 4:35 pm

    Thanks so much for your writings, and i love to hear the journies of your heart, I know i do not know you, but thanks for the honesty, i enjoy it and pray that freedom daily for so many, including myself… blessings…

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