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Buckets of Beach Memories.

September 3, 2012



I am thankful for buckets and buckets of memories…

  1. mango popsicles
  2. my brother and his wife staying for a long weekend.
  3. laughing with my SIL back at the house about beach things and husbands.
  4. That we all stayed more hydrated the rest of the trip.
  5. the lifeguards here are super friendly and really good with people…err, we should know!
  6. The baby in the water…she has always been a water baby… and she loves the ocean. Just adores it.
  7. Cousins coming to visit…getting to soak in the sun and catch up on her life….she really lives a fun life!
  8. days of super calm ocean days…so peaceful you could just walk way out into the sea…lovely.
  9. wishing everyone could stay longer…and them saying the same.
  10. my brother is a great cook! The food has been amazing! (have you seen some of our meals on Instagram or Twitter?)
  11. our house so close to the beach that we leave everything out there and come back in for lunch..and baby naps.
  12. Overhearing my son say, “it’s a great day at the beach just sitting here building drip castles with you, dad.”
  13. seeing everyone who visits love my kids…helping them with morning school work and lugging things to the beach.
  14. my kids endless ability to just ride every wave.
  15. More friends en route right now to get here….so great.
  16. how when you walk by the waves they spray a refreshing mist.
  17. having come here enough that we recognize the locals.
  18. kids digging holes and being endlessly entertained  in the sand.
  19. when we rented this house we thought it would be full of different people… but since then, He has filled it with unexpected delightful people we never would have anticipated…so glad it isn’t in our hands.
  20. all the great feedback on the  Lectio Divina  post… both in the comments and in emails…Thank you!  You all are amazing..seriously!
  21. on that note… that “I will not live in fear or abandon my calling because He stands at my right side” (ps16:8)… oh yes, think on that for 5 minutes! “because He stands at my right side” wow!


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  1. September 3, 2012 8:35 pm

    Looks like such an awesome time… these memories will stay etched forever!

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