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a word on Freedom.

September 17, 2012

This time of year can lend itself to you feeling like you are doing nothing  at 100% capacity.

I rolled around last night hearing over and over that this needed more attention…this person needs more encouragement… I need to devote more time to this project… have we stashed enough of this and that for winter (hay and firewood)…. Am I Hearing and Seeing everything I should.. how can I do better…. then there are those 7kids I homeschool…toss and turn… turn and toss.

everything being done… but nothing feeling 100%

But know this… This energy  isn’t meant to bring you down, but to propel you.

Make a list… the old ways aren’t working…so let them go.

Make a list of the things which need to be accomplished…. You can do this.    He brought you here to this.

He went before and provided this for you….for me.

Don’t mistake this conviction for condemnation…

This energy is for you…the energy is building …and that feeling?  That feeling is you needing to step out and make right those things which make you scrunch your nose and shake your head.

The energy is from Him… but that condemnation is not.

So shake off the “you aren’t doing anything…enough” feeling…. that isn’t yours to carry….so shake it off.  Get rid of that parasite.

Take the energy you have been devoting to condemning yourself… and use it for Him and not against what He has done for you.

Because He brought you here… to write that book…to lead that group… to encourage that cashier… design that new space… to birth that new creation… to raise this family… to be this artist… to own that company… to start that business… to go talk to those leaders… to write that song… to make that connection…

and on the other side of all the fear … fear of not doing it right,   fear of wasting time,  fear of wrecking it,  fear of making a fool of yourself, fear of abandonment..

on the other side of that fear is freedom… it’s right there…so walk through it all to your provided freedom.

Keep Moving… because He has provided your Freedom.


I am thankful…

  1. For kids getting healthier everyday.
  2. For friends who speak truth right into the cracked pieces of your life.
  3. For a new baby coming into the family!!!! Babies! Babies! Babies! (oh no, not me…just to clarify)
  4. For a whole community that wants to fast and pray… that is amazing..and I am so in!…I mean come on, we sort of do something called Pray~Fast~Worship every week, lol.
  5. A woman who came up to me…not for a word or for prayer but to ask me what I need.
  6. Popsicles on the deck with a bunch of women… relaxed, honest…peaceful.
  7. Encouraging texts from a lifelong friend early on Sunday morning as I get 7 kids up and out the door.
  8. The new studio starts next week… Any Pinterest ideas are welcome!!! I have collected some but looking for more. links? ideas? no seriously…help?!
  9. Just how wise and smart my husband is. He can hear what I say and speak solid truth to me.
  10. Going somewhere on a Sunday morning and they address all the global upheaval that has been going on… I thought I was going to explode if one more person ignored it. (i.e. the US embassy news)
  11. The men who stood up Sunday morning with 72 hour notice to kiss their wives and kids before deployment… that they would leave their family to protect mine..Thank you.
  12. Fresh from the beach friends stopping by all tan skinned and glowing.
  13. Teaching the art of making stock to a friend who is a young wife… one of my favorite things to do; teach stock making…weird but true fact about me.
  14. This awesome woman and her compliments about my Bees and Honey… what a sweetie!
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  1. September 17, 2012 11:01 pm

    Amen and amen. What we see or feel versus the true reality. Love. it.

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