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I watched the world change.

September 24, 2012




Daniel Hazelwood had told me the night before, after what he led at PFW, to watch for something Sunday morning.. and I laughed and told him we are always looking… and he swung the door back open real wide and with serious eyes said,” no something else”.  Then another woman who is gifted in prophetic words texted me…”Was there a healing at PFW…how did it go?”

So I watched…

I watched and saw many things…

I saw my son lead from behind the drums… tapping into the very heartbeat of a Father…. and it always reminds me to never forget, and I don’t.

I saw the leader of a community of caring folks stand up and call out the name of my daughter… telling the story of the evening before at PFW… blessings shared .

I saw my daughters’ eyes light up…dance is her language… I saw another chip of abandonment fall away with his accepting words spoken out in a large crowd.

I stopped a woman who had tried to fade away a few months ago… I stopped her, to look closer and she said, “I am getting really  better… I have been given good advice by a wise granddaughter”… she kept on her way.

I saw good people with well paying jobs, in our  shaky  economy, walk away from the American dream to give fresh water in Haiti.  

I saw an entire community gather around them.

This group flanking them from all sides being His hands and Feet ,became His wings and they all stood in the Shadow of His wings… and His Shadow?…. it glows.

Then I saw brave worship to a God known intimately to a quiet warrior.

As the others found their seats she sat at the foot of Royalty with an alter of keys to a castle all laid out before her in black and white.

The atmosphere reverberated with change.  The ones who listened to just the music may have missed it… She didn’t have to introduce “the next song”… she didn’t tell you what to say.. the words didn’t need to be projected  overhead… because she wasn’t telling you to sing words…. but hearts knew and I heard the whispers of people singing along to her unfamiliar song. She didn’t tell us to humble ourselves, because when you are in true worship that misses the point by an entire universe.  Those with hearts turned towards worship… knew the tune of holiness.  Those who crave a true spirit of a song sang in a Throne room… saw the bar of excellence raised.  I saw the lips of the faithful sing along…. to a new song.  Nans bravery … her obedience… her knowing way straight to His feet ushered you straight to her God…. a place she knew well. No awkward mumbling and stumbling…no works.

just a life made into art to hand to a King.

just pure….  a path worn bare from her walking back time and time again to see Him.

Then having changed the atmosphere of the room…. she found her way back to her husband.  She had changed everything.  Never to be the same.  The bar raised.

She changed the atmosphere and I  marched right up to tell her so.

This is what I am thankful for this week.  Getting to experience this much of Him in one weekend… I mean, what can I say after that?

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  1. September 24, 2012 12:50 pm

    Thanks for sharing T.
    Its hard to write and describe worship. You have described it well here. You have reminded me of what is the real heart of worship, which is the heart Holy Spirit, which is to glorify God.

  2. Opa permalink
    September 24, 2012 4:28 pm

    The Holy Spirit is alive at Caring in the hearts of young and old. Praise God. Thank you T for your wonderful words of encouragement.

  3. ro elliott permalink
    September 24, 2012 5:57 pm

    What a beautiful gift you have…may God continue to move mightily in unity of Love among you all. blessings to you T…

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