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Thank you for my normal.

September 25, 2012

::Thank you for the bravery to leave things and not look back… that has been a great tool in my life.  I have used it to  walk away with very little.  You have shown me my God will provide.  He will be there and He will also be in the journey. So the day I scooped up my son and walked away… I know I didn’t walk away alone.

::Thank you for being an example that women are strong… and we don’t need to be afraid of things which appear scary in the natural… because in the spiritual, things are completely different. It has made me see people completely different… it has helped to weed out who  operates in the Holy Spirit and who is operating in the religious spirit.

::Thank you making it my normal that women can be amazing spiritual leaders.  We can rise up… we can go out…we can speak Truth.  It has made it so much easier to walk to the front of full buildings and speak His Truth.

::Thank you for going out…speaking in Columbia…going deep into a jungle and telling them they are valuable.  It made going to Guatemala  all by myself so much easier.  I knew it was in me…I know I would be okay.

::Thank you for telling me to pray….in the car, in the house, in everything.  Because now I never know when to stop talking to Him… or even how to stop talking to Him.

::Thank you for making it my normal that women can circle this globe… and will be asked to.  Your example has made it natural to answer  when asked to go far like Israel or close  like one or two cities over…well ,easier if it is for Him.

::Thank you for teaching me to cook big… I mean BIG for lots of lots of people.  Because every week they arrive… and I remember you  and rest in it every week. every single week.

::Thank you for expecting so much more out of me then I thought I could ever live up to… because it  forced me to find the very best husband in the whole world…who would support and encourage the woman I knew you wanted me to be.

::Thank you for always tithing even when we had nothing….. because it has always been my normal… and I know no other way.

::Thank you for hearing me when I whispered into the phone..”I am not doing so well”, after the girls got here from Guatemala. You pointed me towards grace and told me to get going.

::Thank you for marching up to mean gym teachers and telling them off… because you told me I was worth it , in those moments.

::Thank you for never letting babies cry… became when I had mine and knew nothing else…I knew to hold them.

::Thank you for those yellow lists on Saturday morning… because now I know I can do a million things at once…and I have needed that many times.

::Thank you for letting me quit riding horses..because I hated it… and now I know somethings just don’t work out…and that is okay.

::Thank you for pulling us out of school and “homeschooling” us… because it gave me confidence, I didn’t have to fit the norm to do it with my own kids.

::Thank you for always…ALWAYS making the spiritual the first things in our lives… because I know no other way to raise my children then to raise them as spiritual powerhouses.

::Thank you for pushing me so hard I thought I would shatter into a thousand pieces… because I never broke and now I know I am strong.

::Thank you for always being annoying about boys, “What church does he go to”…. because, again it made me pick the best husband in the world.

::Thank you for birthing us all… and always saying things like, “well if you can’t handle falling down then you will never handle giving birth”…. It raised the bar…and once I birthed my first I knew; “well I can do anything”.lol.
::Thank you for making your ministry such an important part of your life.. because of this.. I can walk out His Plan in my life.
::Thank you for those times where I woke up to a clammy hand on my forehead pressing me into the pillow as I heard you praying. It made prayer always a first response to any other treatment.
With the imprint of that clammy hand on my forehead  and His constant Hand on my life…
I am spiritually with it…
independent …
a good wife with amazing children…
90% without fear…
can walk into most any situations and discern what is going on…
I don’t fear the prophetic…
I can go anywhere and speak what He tells me, no matter the distance….
and I am raising spiritually amazing children who know nothing other then being connected and fully hearing from a God who provides every day for them.
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  1. September 25, 2012 5:06 pm


  2. September 25, 2012 5:27 pm

    Huge lump in my throat. You are blessed, and you know it.

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