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If you can’t be a holy child…

October 10, 2012

Errands done and bags put away I set to dealing with the vegetables coming in from the garden.

A lovely almost therapeutic task after the weird not so good first half of my day that I suffered through.

“So what happened?” asks Ash as he  allows imaginary people  to climb the fresh broccoli.

“Aww nothin…. just crazy people being rude and mean…  mean with no thought for others… just mean…. ya know?  What do you do when people are mean to you?” pulling kale off it’s stem each time I say “mean.”

” Wellllll,” he said as his seven year old fingers gave a kick to the air on the broccoli summit, “Sometimes I want to hurt them back.”

I nodded to his honesty….”Well we can’t do that… we are supposed to be holy children,”  Said the responsible mother…but inside with each piece of kale I was saying; mean, mean, mean, rude, rude.

“hmmmm….. well then I am a holy hand granade.”

Well at least we can laugh!

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  1. October 10, 2012 4:22 pm

    Lol – love the transparency of kids, eh?

  2. Carol permalink
    October 10, 2012 4:29 pm

    I do shake my head at times and wonder what happens sometimes. Did I have something on my forehead that stated to be mean to me today, I can take it?? Say what is on your mind
    and don’t hold anything back.

    I am so glad that God is on my side and He does care.
    He’s not rude or mean even tho I wanna’ be so bad at times.
    I’m glad he’s working on me and that I want to grow to be more like Him.
    Trust me I’m still a work in progress because man, I get it wrong but I’m so thankful
    He stills loves me and takes my hand and says come on child… get up and walk.

    • October 10, 2012 4:49 pm

      awww Miss Carol… you are sweet soul. I know you understand. And just to let you know… I am on your side, always. If anyone is mean to you…. just point them in my direction… I will handle them!
      You are a good woman with a good spirit…. I am sorry anyone has said careless thoughtless things to you.
      They don’t really know you…they don’t know how wonderful your heart is… their loss.
      just keep flying above it all.
      p.s. I wish you would start a blog… or at least twitter your sage advice. you always have deep things to say.

  3. Dr. Dre permalink
    October 10, 2012 8:21 pm

    i love this! and i love that picture of ash.
    ps im pretty sure baby loves it too because she is kicking so much! 🙂

  4. October 10, 2012 10:40 pm

    Ooooh a Holy hand grenade! Love it!

  5. studiojru permalink
    October 14, 2012 9:35 pm

    Oh… I love it!! Just love it! 🙂

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