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Decorate and Celebrate your New Season!

October 15, 2012



So Thankful….

  1. A brother who speaks frankly to me… he knows he is safe with me… I respect the man he is becoming.
  2. A husband who wants to protect me and the peace we have now.  He is really my knight in shining armor!
  3. My new sistah who calls me up and wants to hang and make art ,bringing one of her coolest friends over … and show me new sonogram pics of my new NIECE!!!!!!
  4. My sistah’s friend who said, “Oh I love your blog… my sister and I say it makes us want to go back to church.” humbled…i mean really really humbled.
  5. Getting to go out and buy sweet little  pink baby clothes.
  6. PFW was amazing… it was nearly a studded line up…coughs and colds were taking people down and with each person who stepped down another person would show up… HE was there and it was amazing. Absolutely Amazing.
  7. Sitting up on stage with Samantha… interceding together….catching her reflection in the piano’s surface… power. Love this girl.
  8. Getting to sing with Natalia Hazelwood on stage at PFW… her songs come from a place so deeply rooted… her singing makes you feel secure. Love this girl ,too!
  9. Daniel in the front row covered in prayer shawl afghans…just making us laugh… he is a great friend to us.  If you haven’t ever hired these Hazelwoods to lead a service at your church you should… it is worth it!
  10. Hearing a message yesterday which was written just for me…lol, okay so there was no way … but it seemed that way.
  11. Really good music on Sunday morning… it wasn’t the  sound of the music so much as the true passion…. the singing from a place of relationship…. I crave it.
  12. A community of Caring people who care… I mean… they really do.. who pass by me and whisper strong words…So good.
  13. Looking over and seeing little 2yr old  Noa hand up in prayer.
  14. Getting to spend Sunday Dinner with just another couple and their kids… normally , and I love it, we have tons of people…. but this was chill and nice.
  15. All the hey tells and texts from people who couldn’t be there but still wanted to know how Sunday Dinner was going…love you all… so sweet!
  16. A warm Autumn evening last night watching the sunset with friends…. and a blue heron walked by…Strong and Steady.
  17. A packed day of activities… and shopping for last minute details for my new studio!!!!!
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  1. ro elliott permalink
    October 15, 2012 12:24 pm

    sweet pictures…I like the title too and I always love your list. Happy Monday, T…blessings~

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