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The Light reflected.

October 22, 2012

Genesis 1:4
New International Version (NIV)
4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.




I reclaimed a space…

part of a structure ,yet allowed to go dark.  I ignored the ugly and winced when I would  walk through… and flinched when the hens they growled.

Relying on the strength of One more experienced and with the support and encouragement of the man of my forever … I took it back.

What a stance to take.

To agree with your Creator that the gifts He put in you exist and they matter.  To shake out the sweet words of encouragement ,I had long hidden in my heart…to shake them out and declare them as Truth.

We spend so much of our days nodding yes to the whispers of evil… but I stood firm… I claimed Truth.  A room of holy.

Because what is more holy than agreeing with the master Artist and saying He exists within you?

What is more holy than shooing out the bad habits and taking back what was once dark and filling it with Light?!

Oh the Light.


I never could quite imagine how the Light would make all these things new…. but I never fathomed what would happen next.

How the light it spilled past the threshold of this new space…this old space made new…into areas that I hadn’t noticed were dark.

I never imagined how I would see the beauty of my daughter dancing early in the morning …her two year old self on a stage drenched in light.

I come around a corner and promises spill onto a new time and throughout my home.

It is a mighty thing…the makeup of a warrior to say “no more” to the darkness…

It will let a Light in you which you  didn’t know could shine so bright.

It let’s the Light flood through to other dark places… and beauty abounds.

We all have those places we kept dark… Claim it back.  Perhaps they are visions called “stupid”…ideas called “hopeless” …relationships that darken you… Gifts given up on…

I promise the darkness had claimed more than you knew… and the Light will reflect through so much more.

Parts of you long ago forgotten… renewed.


So much to be thankful for…

  1. My daughter calling me a hero…her hero?  That Light just reflects all over that…and I am not letting the areas go dark.
  2. my husband and brother spending time at the gun safety course… and everyone is safe.
  3. just being in my new studio….just sitting in here.
  4. the way the light lays against each surface….especially in the morning.
  5. my sistah and her 19week pregnant self….my happy little niece.
  6. How much He loves artistic works… apparent in all the colors in the trees.
  7. a quiet Saturday night…of rest together.
  8. The new live Gungor album
  9. Pretty much one of the best Sunday Dinners ever… so wonderful.
  10. watching the kids bobbing for apples…
  11. looking back after the kids were huddled around the campfire…and seeing Doc face down…bobbing for the last apple….challenge accepted.  Hilarious.
  12. Yen in a stir of creativity stating that they were going to make something big… which was her and another girl writing and performing a play for us.  This is a pretty big deal to my momma heart where Yen is concerned!
  13. All of us women gathering in the new studio…. holy things just happening…all affirmation…it’s going to be huge!
  14. watching my healthy grandparents, arms around each other, singing a hymn on Sunday morning.
  15. Brave, strong ,amazing friends who can handle forgiveness and confessions…. and are stronger and more amazing because of it…warriors.
  16. a tall husband who can wash the outside of  my new windows!
  17. Every morning that my littlest daughter dances in the light pouring into the studio
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  1. ro elliott permalink
    October 22, 2012 12:25 pm

    Oh…your creativeness come shining through in these pictures and words…I just love all the light pictures…and I am shaking off places…so His light can penetrate deeply…happy monday~

  2. October 22, 2012 1:07 pm

    You are so blessed. I do love how the Autumn light bounces in to my little creative corner. No matter how big or little the space is, it’s blessed and Big things can happen because we serve a BiG God.

    • October 22, 2012 1:12 pm

      oh for sure.. it is all about the claiming it…and you for sure have taken back many dark places for the Light.

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