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Celebrate, some Songs for Nations with friends.

November 10, 2012

Hey come on over… want to hang out with a few of my friends?  You may know a few from PFW... actually you probably know a lot of them from there…. ole Daniel Hazelwood sneaks in and don’t ask me what instrument he is playing!  Some of the others you may know from Sunday Dinner posts.  And then some of them you may have seen on tour.  You may notice some of the folks from Songs of Water making an appearance.    Talain Rayne filmed the video and you can tell by the mood of it.  The whole video is just a big smile for me… I am just excited to see what this song does in peoples hearts… let alone what the whole album does!

The whole album is a dedication and plea for each country. Sean has had huge Favor on him and has been allowed into countries that no one else has been allowed into … like North Korea….yes that North Korea.  Actually the album cover was taken in that North Korea.




Want more?  Of course you do!…. for tour schedule… this man doesn’t stop I am sure he will be near your house any day!  Is this a free song for you…. I think so: Never Wanna Look Away

See you tonight at PFW.

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  1. November 10, 2012 12:10 pm

    Thanks for sharing such fine worship and the song of water music… it will be a good morning 🙂

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