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Bangs Bangs

November 24, 2012





She comes every year about this time.

With eyes  and skin like my great grandmother she makes me catch memories in my throat.  I rarely ever see her without a smile.   Right on schedule she came knocking with a brown paper bag of Advent calendars and a smile for everyone.  You can imagine my  candy deprived kids just love it.  Candy everyday!


And this one here… she cut her hair the other day.  It really wasn’t too bad… but it had choppy bits on one side so I decided to give her bangs until it grows out.  I can’t fault her… when I wasn’t much older than her I chopped everyones hair off in pre-school.  But let’s face facts…all I had was those child-proof scissors and they are dull.  Where were my teachers?  I graciously handed out haircuts to 20 kids.  That takes some serious time when your  motor skills aren’t mature and all you have are the dullest scissors…you remember the kind in the little cage?  The left handed kids had to use the ones with the green rubber handles?  To this day I can remember the clumps of hair laying about on the bright yellow shag carpet.   Where the heck were the teachers?  So like I said I can’t fault Noa as she comes by it honestly.  Do they say “comes by it honestly” where you are from or is that one of those phrases that only we use?  Well either way you can gather what it means.

Oh we have Prayer ~Fast~Worship tonight and you are welcome to come!  There are not many left this year for a myriad of reasons.  You know how this season is ramping up and  there are other functions on Saturdays nights…which is great!  We just want worship however it can happen…that is our heart.  This Christmas season will look very different from ones in the past. It will have to be very …umm…flexible.  Due to some very troubling business interference we won’t have much time for festivities… like we did in the past… do you remember One Night To Give last year?   So sadly, my husband must devote all his time to untying a knot that only he can.   It was rather sudden and my husband is still shaking his head to think that anyone would attack him like this… he keeps giving me sad eyes because he  loves Christmas and hates that everything just got totally changed… and I tell him, “it is only for a season, it isn’t a lifestyle.”   Something about it all reminds me of the end of an adoption…when everything feels much like cliff hanging…. but you know what? You can’t just run into the enemy’s camp and take something back for Good with out a bit of opposition from the enemy.  Either way when we get through to the other side it will be amazing… will you celebrate with me then?  Ending sentences with “then” is most definitely a regional thing…as my friends point out.

Okay so I will see you at PFW, then?   Ya know what?!  If you can’t be there …. do this for me…. just hold your own where ever you are… turn on the music and join with us! Will you do that?  Can you imagine us all stretched across this world just worshiping and  spiritually centered?!  Oh let’s do it!  Email me or comment or meet us on Instagram and tell me about it will you? Great!   You don’t have to go for the whole 3 hours… anytime at all and tell me about it!!! Yay!

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  1. studiojru permalink
    November 25, 2012 5:12 pm

    That photo… all those sweet smile. What a precious moment you captured, T! Beautiful. Oh my goodness… love your pre-school hair cutting story! lol What a memory! 🙂

    • November 26, 2012 10:52 am

      Oh it was a good time… I was leading the pack all through preschool…. no wonder they tried to break me after that… Honestly, though, I must have the most negligent teachers.. I guess I just took charge of the class…no one was ever watching us. 🙂

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