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Just to Celebrate a Season.

November 26, 2012

Making cornstarch Christmas ornaments..






We used a recipe from my “Home for the Holidays” Pinterest board. This is an absolutely lovely project.  Something about the feeling of the dough is unexplainably amazing.  If for no other reason , everyone should make this just to feel the dough…it is that interesting.

Bursting with the thankfulness so lets get started….

  1. the way the clouds look right now… just like a fairy tale book my grandmother gave me as a kid.  They are so light and the colors look watercolored.
  2. Him waking leaders up and speaking our names to them…. He is so good.  They are so great for making sure we hear what He wants us to know.
  3. So thankful we started Christmas early…now that our season just got tossed in the spin cycle.
  4. PFW was amazing… it just was healing and wonderful and just amazing.  I actually got incredibly sick right in the middle and then just as instantly completely healed.
  5. The very best babysitter in the whole world!  She is quick and smart and just amazing… nothing better than the complete peace I have with her running my home.
  6. Noa running about with my iPhone saying, “I need to take a picture of that Jesus”…as she flits from nativity to nativity.
  7. It is going to snow! Just an inch… we are excited.
  8. brie and crackers.
  9. For today we still have a few hardy roses and yellow iris’ still in bloom…for today.
  10. My friends coming over for Sunday Dinner and saying, “We have a surprise for you!”…in walks Talain Rayne holding a box of donuts!!! Jackpot!
  11. The hilarity of sitting down to my computer this morning and  getting the surprise and “oh right” moment when Talain’s picture is on my computer… he snuck in and changed it last night.
  12. I have a big adventure today and I am so excited for it…. it’s humongous… and I am just so blessed… it will be a dream come true!!!!!!!

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    November 28, 2012 9:40 am


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