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Ornaments of Peace…on 12~12~12

December 12, 2012


Sometimes peace is hard to find,  because we don’t know where to get it.

We look for it everywhere.

We bring things together…  mix what we already had stored away…make it soft to the touch.

A warmth to our chilled hands……


~I am  writing over at Jennifer’s StudioJRU today.  Please come on over to see the rest of this peace/piece and to visit with us there.  I am so excited to share it with her and all of my most wonderful readers.  Jennifer is a wonderful person and artist… oh and I if I could only tell you all that He has told me about her… suffice it to say she is pretty amazing!

 What a day!  It’s 12~12~12…so exciting…so come on over to StudioJRU.

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