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Endless Years on a Roman Road.

December 17, 2012

Romans 3:23

New International Version (NIV)

23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

With a heart to take back all that was stolen… the man of my forever and ever walked into the little cabin on the lake.  It was late.  He had to drive 4 hours after flying all day…. but the business deals and lawyers, contracts and accountants would be for the morning…. now He wanted to seal bigger deals.

~with the wind at our back and in the strength of the Lord we will rise on the wings of the dawn…We are gonna take back…

“Grandpa!” Ben called as he shut out the cold Midwestern air behind him, “We need to talk.”

~we are gonna take back all the enemy has stolen…we are going to take back all the enemy has stolen…

My husBen sat across from his 84 year old grandfather…a man who, at twenty, had come with nothing, from Sweden to this country.  They talked about grandma, passed four years ago and how Ben had to fly out to her deathbed to hold her hand.   He had  rushed to make sure he would see her in eternity and the next day she got to see this Jesus she had just accepted with her grandson. Ben explained how we all fall short…a lifetime of work, even 84 years of being a good man isn’t ever good enough.

~I know God hasn’t forgotten all that is lost and broken so come and see the turning of the tide come and see His sons and daughters rise….

It’s never been about being good enough.  He didn’t die because we were good… but because He is.  He didn’t die because we were measuring up.. He died to fill the gap…to fill what we lack…which is everything.


“Do you want this?” asked my broad shouldered husband after he explained about a God who fills your lack… who isn’t about works but about Grace.

~for how could He who didn’t spare His own Son not freely give us victory against the darkest of nights… we are gonna take back…

All 84 years of grandpa’s body and soul and spirit said, “Yes.”  So my husBen held hands again with this generation which came before him, and he led  his grandfather to a faithful God.  Before they closed and while  a host of angels were still singing his name,  Grandpa added in a thick Swedish accent, “and I pray that my three sons find the same God that I have now found. Amen.”

Grandpa has always been a good man…A man who loves his family and ,to this day ,still works hard everyday.  He will continue to be that… but it was never what is required for eternity… He was missing the heart for a Provider where all good and perfect things truly come from….and now… He has that,too.

~it’s in the Blood of the one who is worthy. It’s in the Blood of the one who is worthy…You’re worthy! You’re worthy! You’re worthy!…


“Take Back” from Will Reagan and the United Pursuit new album…one of the most amazing albums I have heard ever…Endless Years. The italicized lines in the story are the lyrics to this amazing song.

What a wonderful life… so much to be thankful for:

  1. After TWO weeks of my amazing husband being away…he is home!
  2. No matter how many people tried to thwarts His plan for our business … we are chugging along.  Please keep praying!
  3. Ash walking into my studio and declaring…”this is the most perfect light!” There is a lifting fog and sunrise.
  4. Friends who laugh and celebrate each other…new homes, new trips, new revelations… who knew this existed?
  5. Green ribbons and emerald shoes…my friend is a great dresser.
  6. To be married to a man who can lead not only his family.. .but lead a whole generation of his family to eternity.
  7. new aloe plants in my studio.


~Grandpa has always been a wood carver as a hobby. I also love working with wood and carving…so soon after we were married I asked him to carve something for us. He like most hobbiests, shook his head amazed that I would want something of his… and I asked him to “every so often” carve something for a nativity scene. Well that year we got the whole set! He carved each of these and now they are one of our prized possessions in this house. Each figure standing  nearly a foot tall! ~

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  1. December 17, 2012 11:34 am

    Oh what a treasure T! That is so beautiful. I have a Nativity collection and leave my favorite one out till Valentines day, to celebrate true love.

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