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A Kingdom Acquired.

January 2, 2013




He worked for over a decade to accomplish this.  The last two years it has been intense… this last year being the most intense.  We have sacrificed so much time and so much energy… but you don’t just run into the enemy’s camp and take something over for Him…without some resistance.  Whoa baby these past 2months were the very hardest. Made doubly worse by knowing some of the very people who were causing us such upheaval were some of our, previously, most trusted.  But I guess He shook everything that could be shaken… and in the process they couldn’t hold on?  I honestly don’t know why people work so hard to stop God from blessing others… because it is God…and in the end He will complete the good and perfect work He has started…no matter how hard people work against it.  Make no mistake this was all done by Him…so those folks who thought they would try to contractually stop Him… laughable.  We could not have done this… this was all Him.

So can I take just a quick second and brag about the man of my forever and ever….

My knight in shining armor… he always held strong… no matter how many other contracts were waived in his face… no matter how much incentive was offered elsewhere… he always knew the vision God gave him.  He knew that everything he had been shown had taken him to this place….so…he persevered… he slayed more dragons than I thought we would ever face…. in the end here he stands ushering in 2013 as the president of his own rightful kingdom… err… I mean company.  I am so proud of him… he has stuck it out… we have sacrificed more than I can ever say here….. but he knew what he knew… and now he has it.

There are things in your life..that God has given you vision for.  You know that you know He wants this for you.  Do not be swayed by people who are jealous of blessing….. there is a never ending amount for everyone.  He doesn’t always just lay it in your lap… but He will go through it…. and there is a peace in Him which you might only learn about when you see Him stand beside you, while everyone your heart was previously made up of, falls away.





Isn’t it odd how we often think someone getting blessed somehow lessens the chances of our continual blessing?    Some see their children claiming their birthright and think some how that will lessen their blessing.  It’s as if some walk this earth believing in a God who only hands out so much and at some point there will be nothing more.  And it isn’t just with worldly possessions but also with spiritual gifts.    They lack an admiration for a Provider who provides into the next generation…thinking all along there was just something extra special about “just” them… and that no one would be equally or  more gifted than them.  So instead of being excited and happy to see their children prosper… they become jealous.  As if the blessings in the next generation will somehow be given at the expense of the previous.  Odd really.  The irony in all of this.. the younger generation normally has tremendous admiration for the older generation until they see this very ugly side of them… after that the shine really wears off the coin, as they say.

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  1. January 2, 2013 5:15 pm

    I understand fully what you say here… As I olden and ‘wisen’ it has become more and more a blessing for me to see many blessed. I know He will never run out of the giving.,.. we need never fear when others shine with the talents and gifts ‘He’ has given… There is always enough just for the asking… How much more, says He, the Wise One, will I give the Holy Spirit to them that ask… Every good and perfect gift is from above… may we always be encouraged to see Him working through any of His children… It does not ever make His love less for us. May we learn to smile as we see others shine for Him. In this is much joy! and in this joy is our strength 🙂
    Happy New year dear ones!
    I am blessed for your joy and your giftings! Yes!

    • January 2, 2013 7:43 pm

      reading your words brings tears to my eyes… just someone understanding and hearing me…very therapeutic for sure.
      Thank you friend,

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