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The Breathing In… and some dancing.

January 10, 2013


Oh isn’t January a peculiar month? All nine of us packed in this house…living and learning together. We are made to share everything; space, noise, meals, music, games, ideas and learning. It is sort of a breathing in, if you will. The last few months are very much a breathing out and meeting with everyone and anyone…enjoying it all. January comes in with it’s cold and pushes us into our home. Each of us easier to find.
Well I spoke too soon… no sooner did I talk about being easier to find… then I was called out for more meetings and greetings than I thought I had time for. I know wonderful people with courageous stories. It has become this new habit in my life to be asked into these amazing lives … for them to seek me out. I am honored. Lately has had a lot to do with handing out words… the stories I have heard back are amazing.

I could do this for the rest of my life.

(to clarify: I could hand out words for the rest of my life.. not drink imaginary drinks with colored pencils)


Are you preparing now? Breathe deeply in…. because it is coming.

Lent is right around the corner and He wants more for you…than you got last year. He wants Lent to be a running up a hill to a bridegroom. So prepare your heart in this time where you have been given the breathing in of quiet. Often in our culture we take Lent as this solemn time where we need to give away and to give up in preparation for Passover and Easter… but He is already resurrected so what are you mourning.. can He die again? Do you need Him to?

Is your sin… your life so big and so awful you need another savior, another death to compensate for all the ruck around in your life?

But this isn’t about fast forwarding life… we are here and now.

He walks ahead and provides for us before we get there… we stand here holding the hem of a garmet that heals and makes us whole. He wants the body to wake up from their winter slumber.

January is good for ratting out the corners of your house and taking big black trash bags to the curb. We need to do this in the unseen places of our lives now, in preparation . You will be happy you did come Lent.

Where a Savior lives we can expect better… we can offer our better selves.

Of course dancing can help that too.





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