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Seven Big Bags.

January 11, 2013






Sometimes you get cluttered and it isn’t what you were created to be.

It is all just to bog you down.

It robs you where other feeling were meant to be.

I flip hangers and see all these options…. these relationships from a past time.

Things which now itch my skin…pinch me  now on straightened shoulders…did I sulk more before?

Did I think this flattered me… or was I around the wrong influences who told me it was “just the right thing”

One by one hangers swing looping the bar as I yank all these bad options down from the very depths of my home.

yank ~ spin ~ loop

yank ~ spin ~ loop

yank ~ spin ~ loop

yank ~ spin ~ loop

The simplicity of having only good and right options frees and lightens my mind.

Knowing my eyes and time will not be slowed as I ponder each bad choice… unbinds me and adds time to my day.

The pile being torn down far out weighs what is being left behind… and I feel good about that.




~ All 7 bags and a few blankets were donated to a local charity.~ T

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