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The Ice will Thaw.

January 16, 2013


Did you wake up today and expect something different.

This year, had you intended to be elsewhere… but here is where you stand.

Was that album to have been produced?

Should that book have been finished?

A new house moved into?

a better job found?






Do you see how he rescued you from yourself and your plans?

Can you barely believe how He has blessed you?

Can you see where His plans are so much better than what you wanted?

This world you see is not the one you expected.

How does that feel?

After the curiosity wears off… are you grateful?

No matter what you think and what you see… Know He loves you so much.

If you follow Him it will be beyond your wildest dreams… beyond anything you could have planned.

Rest now… because it is coming.


~ Crazy Important Sidenote and Huge Thank You:

Thank you for all you brave souls who asked for words and verses for this year. I have been flooded with comments and emails, texts and calls so if I take a bit to get back to you just know that I will.  I take it very seriously and want to go in prayer for you.(  I am always available for that…not just the start of the year.  ) Actually if I could do it the rest of my life I would…so please don’t hesitate.  On the other hand.. it is the responsibility of the recipient to seek Him for revelation, to judge it for themselves.  That is 100% Biblical and your responsibility.   I have handed out nearly 200 words and I like to think of the impact that has when 200 people seek Him for fresh revelation…. what an amazing orchestra of sound. I am so excited that , even now, I have already heard back amazing stories of Him working through these words in peoples lives.  The stories have come from all across this globe and that humbles me tremendously.  So thank you for all that allowed me to share this with them… and a huge thank you to all who have written me back about the magnitude of what He is doing. ~T

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  1. Maria permalink
    January 16, 2013 1:05 pm

    In the beginning, surrendering was hard. I wanted my way. But now, many, many years later…His Way is truly what I desire and more often than now…I live there. mb

  2. January 16, 2013 8:37 pm

    Very blessed by what you have written here. Especially the “rescued you from your self and your plans”. I have been branching out and reading blog posts by Christians who are breaking away from the “standard American Evangelical Church” because they were left wanting. I feel that too. But have noticed that many, not all, spend more time asking questions,reflecting, doubting, with no real solid foundations. You always bring it around to not “neat and tidy” but solid spiritual truth, and that is what I am looking for (at least is blog land).

    • January 17, 2013 8:03 am

      oh my gosh Leah.. you are wonderful wrapped up in fabulous!
      IT made me laugh and smile to read your comment… it seems it started trending about 5 years ago to be “over” the church… lol, I however was born “over” with the whole lot of it. So what you may be picking up on is less about being good and in church to a being real with Him and hearing because HE exists.(for lack of better words…and without making a whole post here in the comments section 🙂 )
      most people now are not willing to sacrifice their time for a religion… they want an authentic worthwhile relationship with a real Someone.
      Thank you for speaking some great feedback here. I really appreciate it.. and it is so encouraging.

  3. January 16, 2013 8:38 pm

    Oh it is always so much better than we can plan for ourselves, isn’t it?! An amazing gift!

    • January 17, 2013 8:04 am

      you know this for a fact… I am sure you wouldn’t have pre picked parts of your story… but here you stand with an awesome testimony.

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