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You are Protected

February 6, 2013


They are so confused  they barely know what happened to them.  All cooped up after so much free range freedom.  They went where they wanted and did what they wanted… no fear.

But every year about this time the predators come.  Hungry, and with food supplies low, they spy our girls.  My sons with toy lightsabers and brooms have chased the hawks out of the trees and away from our pasture.  And if I am in my studio I can identify the sound a hen makes when she sees a perched hawk.




Well, after a nature walk one day, we saw a hen out in the back field.  She had been dropped by the big hawk and wasn’t doing so well. We did everything we could… but she didn’t make it.  That is when I decided their freedom wasn’t worth this…so I gave out the order and the boys collected all the hens and locked them up.

~Because some times you aren’t being “kept” from anything… but you are being protected from something~

So yes, they may hate being separated from what they once called normal… but the fact of the matter is they are safer now.    Now maybe there they will learn better flocking abilities.   You can tell they are not happy, but it will only be for a few weeks… I think the girls give us the “side eye” every time they see us coming.


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  1. studiojru permalink
    February 6, 2013 7:19 pm

    “~Because some times you aren’t being “kept” from anything… but you are being protected from something~” love the message, t! 🙂

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