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A Love Story.

February 13, 2013


She tells us a love story.  It’s a room of women and stories.

chocolate and french fries.

Bibles on a trunk next to tea lights.

But tonight we hear her love story…. it spans the whole country.

It continues to span a lifetime. The search for Truth and the spin cycle of deceit.

I hear her…and I realize  how often she says, “So I felt I should go to….”

She always followed the Voice….even when she didn’t know It’s name.


She glances to the ceiling as she remembers certain parts of her journey and I am reminded that He isn’t cleaning up after the enemy… that evil is trying to thwart the good and perfect plan He started.

Then comes the moment… her love story swirls and she meets him.

Is there anything more vulnerable,

more take~me~as~I~am,

more exposed to all the elements as when she told him…

“This is all I have done…this is my story…the people I have known and the terrible things I have done…”


he looks at her with tears in his eyes and he takes on Him and They look at her and say, “I love you forever, none of that matters to me because you are worthy.”

She married him because she follows the Voice….and now she knows His name.


~Her love story is each of our love story… you come with your journey torn clothes which you have gathered along the way.  Things to hide this part of you and that…the ugly parts you don’t want to show.  He looks behind you and sees all you have done.  He looks at the dirty scraps you use to hide your past and He takes them….for an instant you are  exposed only to be reclothed…Provided for.  Dressed in royal clothing… because ,”You are worthy… I love you forever”~

another How we met story… House of Books.

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