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She’s Three.

February 18, 2013

She was born right here, where she sits now three years later….


What a strange experience birth is…for me.

It’s like waking up from a dream and everyone is standing around staring at you waiting for a reaction to the dream you just had.  It is very unnerving.    And this baby… her and I had braided spirits.  We were so connected and when she was on the outside and not the inside there was a moment were my spiritual side was in shock.   My spirit searched for her…and with everyone else making weirdly overly happy faces drenched in expectations of how her and I would react …her and I met  matching furrowed brows in the dimly lit bedroom, “ahhh there you are” we both sighed.

When I was  still pregnant with Noa, my sister had her son.

He had ended up needing to be in the NICU for a bit and I flew  across the country to help her recover.  Everyday before I would leave the hotel I would spiritually whisper to my Noa, “Okay, now get down and don’t come back out till I say.”  She would get low in my belly and not flinch all day while I would sit in the NICU and the little babies around us coded and amazing and dedicated nurses and doctors rushed to bring them back to life…little Noa stayed low…undetected.   She kept low while we prayed around my nephew’s woven wired bed… and while the babies were rushed to surgery.   Every night I would come back to the hotel… sit down with dinner and tell her..”okay you can come out now…it’s all safe.”  Within minutes she would take a few laps around my belly like no baby before her.  She would leap for praise even then.




So on this day I am very thankful….

  1. for such a smart girl.  One who asks questions and wonders “Why?”
  2. one who prays for healing…and has already seen miraculous healings in others lives.
  3. for cards and gifts from all over the country from those who truly love her….she has each card tucked away.
  4. how happy new shoes make her.
  5. how she always comes up to me and says, “let’s talk about it”
  6. how this past weekend she sang cheerily , “Thank you for everything you do…thank you for cleaning up my puke,” as I gave her a much needed bath.
  7. how grateful she is for Little Red Riding Hood.
  8. how she is smart enough to know “I need a pink gun for my birthday to shoot mice” is pretty darn cute and would work on us… even though we have denied many children before her any artillery.
  9. much like my oldest, she just needs to be prepared for whatever and she can take it on.
  10. how she is still with us…and got to turn 3 today.


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  1. February 18, 2013 8:28 pm

    Oh, happy happy birthday:) Beautiful birthday memories – and how her heart grows those seeds you gave her:)

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