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It’s up to you…. (a word)

February 21, 2013


Right now right here….you are Loved fully.
Fully you are loved.
Nothing which you have done has made you more lovable. Nothing.
Nothing you will do will make you less Loved. Nothing.
The nothing you don’t do, can not change how much you are Loved.
You are Loved fully.
This Love for you will never change.
What is about to change?
Are you ready?
What is about to change is your ability to receive this Love.
It is already there… You are Loved fully.
Your name is Beloved.
This is the season we are in.
A season saturated with His Love.
A running towards the greatest Love Story every written.
You hadn’t breathed one breath…neither had hundreds of the previous generations before you,
Yet this Love Story is about you… and His full Love for you.
So you hadn’t breathed yet you were fully loved.
Now, you have lived and you are just as fully loved.
The only thing that has changed was your ability to receive His Love.
The Love Story is playing out.
This is your season to expand your ability to see yourself like He saw you when He made the choice to carry the cross.
He did it fully.
Can you see your reflection in His eye?
See you like He sees you.
Feel it?
Feel it.

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  1. February 21, 2013 8:44 pm

    sigh… such peace when we see ourselves this way… so loved… the. beloved… His

    thank you for sharing this… we are going before a church board to try to share this love… exactly. this. love

    please pray for us

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