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I call you out…. (a word for today)

February 27, 2013


I want this for you today….

I want you to climb out of the old dirt where you have been planted.

When you are a dusty old bulb sitting that has begun to look much like the earth which surrounds it….

I tell you that you are not dirt… you are just surrounded by it…and it was all put there for your growth.

I speak to the Beauty which is in you … and I call out that strength.

I want you to stretch higher and reach towards the Son.

I call out the strength which is in you and tell it to GROW.



If you are flower tucked away in a bulb and all around you is dirt… grow out… burst forth with beauty.

Grow way past the earth… reach towards the heavens until where it ends and you begin are only marked with beauty..Beauty.

An amazing flowering Beauty which speaks of an artistic Creator




If you are a fig tree that hasn’t ever produced a single fig in five years… Five Years…or EVER for that matter. I speak to the authentic you that He put in you and I say… produce fruit!  Even if it is the first time… you can do it.

Even if everyone around you said you will never produce again…even if you swallowed those lies.

I call out the very DNA of a Creator who has already Provided a way…  He,who knows who you are.

He has you written on His hand… He has always known who you are even when you didn’t.

Soak up and Grow out!


Where you think the ends of you are. .. is where He has created all of the Beauty….all the Fruit.

Right there where you end and Heaven meets you.

You are not the sum of what you are not…

You are the sum of everything He created you to be.


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  1. Courtney permalink
    January 5, 2016 7:19 am

    T, are you still doing words for the year? I haven’t been on in a while but I love the words you gave in the years past.



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