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Joy and Warmth today!

March 9, 2013

Oh go ahead and just let this play now. You will be so glad you did….



We are having a beautiful start to a beautiful day.

It started with me daring to open the door and believe the temperature on the thermometer was really what was outside.

So I walked out in my pajamas to inspect some tulips…and with that song pouring out of my studio I called out, “Honey, come out here… it is beautiful… the neighbors will think we are crazy.. but just come out!” We were like prisoners let out of a dungeon all squinty eyed and in disbelief. Truth be told there is only one neighbor who could have seen us… and I think we are way past caring what each other wears.

It truly amazes me… ya know that feeling when you go out…and it is so beautiful and warm.  You may find yourself surprised to find you over dressed… it’s nicer than you planned.

 All of  that goodness… just a taste of what true Joy really is…. there is more to it than even that!!!!

I am bustling around the house trying to get everything in order…so that the bulk of our day can be spent enjoying the first nice day of the year. Kids are tidying up their rooms. Beautiful lists are coming together. Baseball gloves are being dusted off. Soccer balls are being inflated.


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