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March 11, 2013






Oh it may be dull out there… but you can feel it.  You can feel the green right beneath.  This life rushing towards the surface.  If you keep your head up all you will see is Sonshine.  If you use your other senses…. you will find so much more than your eyes can perceive.

The smell of warmth and “outside” in your children’s hair when they come back to you to tell you about something all breathless.

The cool of your spouse’s hand as they can hold yours because babies and kids are running ahead.

The laughter of women over handsome husbands lined up in a row watching a field full of kids.

The lovely smell of dirt… fresh worm filled  dirt… just asking for warmth to sprout anew.

People ready to spiritually shed unnecessary layers and patterns formed through a grey season.

It’s nearly here….

You can almost reach out and touch the hem of it….

get ready.


Bursting with thanks….

  1. Waking up to sun filled skies and temperature rising.
  2. Finding tulips and daffodils getting taller and taller
  3. My kids making bows and arrows which work!  How crazy is that!?  It started with one kid and it spread through the whole group.
  4. A great PFW of art, worship and revelation.
  5. We let the hens out to enjoy the weather… and no hawks sit in our trees… perhaps she went some where else to prey on something older and easier.
  6. So many wonderful people showing up to Sunday Dinner.  Great conversations…including lockthedoor hilarious ones.
  7. Seeing my oldest’s handwriting on a wall of thankfulness, “Ripped up contracts.”  Knowing it meant that much to him as it did me!
  8. shopping for plants with Yen, just her and I and endless redemption and restoration.


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  1. March 11, 2013 11:36 am

    Our little Grace keeps signing,” sun. Sun.outside” it’s so adorable. I took her out for a picnic lunch in Friday and you should have heard the laughter and delight. Brought tears to my eyes. Thankful Easter is early this year!

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